Student's NameThesis TypeThesis TitleYear
Guo, JiaPh.D. thesisOscillatory Dynamics for PDE Models Coupling Bulk Diffusion and Dynamically Active Compartments2016
Tse, Wang HungPh.D. thesis

Localized Pattern Formation in Continuum Models of Urban Crime

Konrad, Bernhard PaulPh.D. thesisOn the dynamics of HIV and malaria infection - insights from mathematical models2015
Karimfazli, IdaPh.D. thesisBuoyancy-driven flow of viscoplastic fluids2015
Sui, YiM.Sc. thesisLocomotion over a Washboard2015
Chang, YifanM.Sc. thesisThe Stability of Spot Patterns for the Brusselator Reaction-Diffusion System in Two Space Dimensions: Periodic and Finite Domain Settings2014
Wang, JiaxingM.Sc. thesisDynamics of Balance with Act-and-Wait Control2014
Liao, LauraM.Sc. thesisSignalling in Single Cell Wound Healing The Role of Protein Kinase C2013
Mi, YueM.Sc. essayAn Exploration of International Stock Return Comovement and Portfolio Diversification2012
Paton, KellyM.Sc. thesisA Study of Wave Propagation in the FitzHugh-Nagumo System2011
Zhao, ZianM.Sc. essayEssay on a CDS Pricing Model with Joint Defaults2011
Cheng, TaoM.Sc. essayHedging Long-Term Commodity Risk with Dynamic Hedging Strategy2011
Bell, PeterM.Sc. thesisPortfolio Management with Index Insurance2011
Willoughby, MarkM.Sc. thesisHigh-Order Time-Adaptive Numerical Methods for the Allen-Cahn and Cahn-Hilliard Equations2011
Kurella, VenuM.Sc. thesisAsymptotic Analysis of First Passage Processes with Applications to Animal Movement2011
Moyles, IainM.Sc. thesisThermo-Viscous Fingering in Porous Media and In-Situ Soil Remediation2011
Zhai, SaM.Sc. essayEssay on the Optimal Mechanism of the IPO Market2011
Wei, XiaoxiPh.D. thesisMixed Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Methods for Incompressible Magnetohydrodynamics2011
Chen, YifeiM.Sc. thesisCVaR Optimization and Multivariate Joint Density Modeling2011
Allard, JunPh.D. thesisMathematics and Biophysics of Cortical Microtubules in Plants2010
Thompson, WilliamM.Sc. thesisStochastic Phase Dynamics of Noise Driven Synchronization of Uncoupled Conditional Coherent Oscillators2010
Lindstrom, MichaelM.Sc. thesisAsymptotic and Numerical Modeling of Magnetic Field Profiles in Superconductors with Rough Boundaries and Multi-Component Gas Transport in PEM Fuel Cells2010
Wan, Andy Tak ShikM.Sc. thesisFinding Conservation Laws for Partial Differential Equations2010
Morrison, JenniferM.Sc. thesisDeciphering Multi-State Mobility Within Single Particle Trajectories of Proteins on the Plasma Membrane2010
Chan, IanM.Sc. thesisParametric Subharmonic Instability and the β-Effect2010
Lindsay, AlanPh.D. thesisTopics in the Asymptotic Analysis of Linear and Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problems2010
Saab, RayanPh.D. thesisCompressed Sensing: Decoding and Quantization2010
Khomenko, MariaM.Sc. thesisViscous Fluid Instabilities Under an Elastic Sheet2010
Raghoonundun, AvishkaM.Sc. essayModels for Electricity Prices2010
Zhang, SiliangM.Sc. essayCan Investor Profit from the Daily Timing Strategy? Average Stock Variance and Market Returns2010
Wang, LiM.Sc. essayTerm Structures of Defaultable Bonds2010
Zhu, LiangPh.D. thesisRobust A Posteriori Error Estimation for Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Convection-Diffusion Problems2010
Carrasco-Teja, MarianaPh.D. thesisPrimary Cementing of a Highly Deviated Oil Well2010
Molina-Escobar, AlbertoPh.D. thesisFiltering and Parameter Estimation for Electricity Markets2009
Halasan, FlorinaPh.D. thesisAbsolutely Continuous Spectrum for the Anderson Model on Trees2009
Jilkine, AlexandraPh.D. thesisA Wave-Pinning Mechanism for Eukaryotic Cell Polarization Based on Rho GTPase Dynamics2009
Merchant, SandraPh.D. thesisSpatiotemporal Patterns in Mathematical Models for Predator Invasions2009
Chen, WanPh.D. thesisLocalized Patterns in the Gray-Scott Model: An Asymptotic and Numerical Study of Dynamics and Stability2009
Ayaz, UlaşM.Sc. thesisSigma-Delta Quantization and Sturmian Words2009
DeGiuli, EricM.Sc. thesisTurbulent Flow in Geophysical Channels2009
Steininger, Gavin Arthur Mervyn WyverstoneM.A.Sc. thesisDetermination of the Acoustical Diffusion and Impedance Characteristics of Surfaces by Bayesian Inversion of a Modified Helmholtz Equation2009
Prosk, ErinM.Sc. thesisThe Cofilin Activity Pathway in Metastasizing Mammary Tumour Cells2009
Lukeman, RyanPh.D. thesisModeling Collective Motion in Animal Groups: From Mathematical Analysis to Field Data2009
Yu, NaPh.D. thesisStochastic Phase Dynamics in Neuron Models and Spike Time Reliability2009
Ding, HuakunM.Sc. essayEarnings Announcements in Option Expiration Weeks2009
Dushek, OmerPh.D. thesisMathematical Modeling in Cellular Immunology: T Cell Activation and Parameter Estimation2008
Huang, HuiPh.D. thesisEfficient Reconstruction of 2D Images and 3D Surfaces2008
Fletcher, PatrickM.Sc. thesisModeling Electrical Spiking, Bursting, and Calcium Dynamics in GnRH-Secreting Neurons2008
Pan, ZhenguoPh.D. thesisSimulation and Analysis of Coupled Surface and Grain Boundary Motion2008
Wang, ZhiqingM.Sc. thesisValuation of Lease Contract and Credit Risk2008
Lebed, EvgeniyM.Sc. thesisSparse Signal Recovery in a Transform Domain2008
Pillay, SamaraM.Sc. thesisThe Narrow Escape Problem: A Matched Asymptotic Expansion Approach2008
Pachmann, SydneyM.Sc. thesisSwimming in Slime2008
Lu, ZeliangM.Sc. essayDefault Contagion in Intensity-Based Models2008
Lo, Joseph Quin WaiPh.D. thesisPseudospectral Methods in Quantum and Statistical Mechanics2008
Bailey, JamesM.Sc. thesisPhenomenological Modeling of the Nucleated Polymerization of Human Islet Amyloid Polypeptide: A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Approach2008
Farrokh, ArsalanM.Sc. essayFrameworks for Comparison and Measurement of Risk2007
Wang, MeiPh.D. thesisCombustion Modeling Using Conditional Source-Term Estimation with Flamelet Decomposition and Low-Dimensional Manifolds2007
Yang, ChristineM.Sc. thesisUsing Age of Infection Models to Derive an Explicit Expression for R02007
L'Espérance, BrunoM.Sc. thesisA Study of Financial Agents with Heterogeneous Agents: A Numerical Approach2007
Olmos, DanielPh.D. thesisPseudospectral Solutions of Reaction-Diffusion Equations that Model Excitable Media: Convergence of Solutions and Applications2007
Guo, YujinPh.D. thesisPartial Differential Equations of Electrostatic MEMS2007
Aguirre-Hernández, RosalíaPh.D. thesisComputational RNA Secondary Structure Design: Empirical Complexity and Improved Methods2007
Donaldson, JasonM.Sc. thesisSelfduality in Geometry: Yang-Mills Connections and Selfdual Lagrangians2007
Bridge, LloydPh.D. thesisComputational Interface Capturing Methods for Phase Change in Porous Media2006
Ball, ColleenM.Sc. thesisUnderstanding Pathogen Selection Pressures at the Within- and Between-Host Levels2006
Dawes, Adriana TiamaePh.D. thesisPhosphoinositides and Rho Proteins Conspire to Spatially Regulate Actin Polymerization in Motile Cells2006
John, DavidPh.D. thesisSimulation Studies of Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors2006
Mandre, ShreyasPh.D. thesisTwo Studies in Hydrodynamic Stability: Interfacial Instabilities and Applications of Bounding Theory2006
Tian, Yi FanM.Sc. essayLeasing2006
MacKinnon-Cormier, SarahM.Sc. thesisA Block Preconditioning Cost Analysis for Solving Saddle-Point Linear Systems2006
Moyers-Gonzalez, MiguelPh.D. thesisTransient Effects in Oilfield Cementing Flows2006
Chou, Che-Ming SteveM.Sc. thesisModeling the Return Rates of Stock via EM Algorithm2005
Coman, FloricaM.Sc. thesisAn Iterative Method for Pricing the American Put Options with Dividend2005
Prat, AlainM.Sc. thesisOscillatory Waves in an Inhomogeneous Excitable Medium2005
Wang, ZheM.Sc. thesisPortfolio Optimization Using the Hidden Markov Model2005
Yang, HangjunM.Sc. thesisPerfect Matchings After Vertex Deletions in n-Dimensional Lattice Graphs2005
Zhu, YongningM.Sc. thesisAnimating Sand as a Fluid2005
Jilkine, AlexandraM.Sc. thesisMathematical Study of Rho GTPases in Motile Cells2005
Dupuis, CatherineM.Sc. thesisSeismic Singularity Characterization with Redundant Dictionaries2005
Ran, IsraeliPh.D. thesisPre- and Postsynaptic Actions of Pentobarbital on Corticothalamic Transmission2005
Kublik, RichardM.Sc. thesisModeling the Onset of Type 1 Diabetes2005
Xu, Jianqiang (James)M.Sc. essayPricing and Hedging Under Stochastic Volatility2005
Yu, FengPh.D. thesisEquilibrium States of Two Stochastic Models in Mathematical Ecology2005
Rivas-Cortes, RodrigoM.Sc. essayPricing an American Barrier Option2004
Kolokolnikov, TheodorePh.D. thesisPattern Formation in Reaction-Diffusion Models Far from the Turing Regime2004
Bandic, IvanM.Sc. essayPricing Mortgage-Backed Securities and Collateralized Mortgage Obligations2004
Shim, Eunha (Alicia)M.Sc. thesisAn Epidemic Model with Immigration of Infectives and Vaccination2004
Donaldson, RogerM.Sc. thesisGeneralised Stefan Problems: Linear Analysis and Computation2004
Landry, Maria P.M.Sc. thesisTaylor-Couette Instability of a Bingham Fluid2004
Reinker, StefanPh.D. thesisStochastic Resonance in Thalamic Neurons and Resonant Neuron Models2004
Clegg, GillianM.Sc. essayRepayment Models for Mortgage-Based Securities2003
Halasan, FlorinaM.Sc. essayInterest Rate Theory and Consistency Problems2003
Boxerman, EddyM.Sc. thesisSpeeding Up Cloth Simulation2003
Merchant, SandraM.Sc. thesisAnalysis of an Integrodifference Model for Biological Invasions with a Quasi-Local Interaction2003
Ryan, Daniel P.M.Sc. thesisSlow Flow of a Bingham Fluid in a Gap of Slowly Varying Width2003
Dubash, NevilleM.A.Sc. thesisBubble Propagation Through Viscoplastic Fluids2003
Goater, AurelieM.A.Sc. thesisDispersion of Heavy Particles in an Isolated Pancake-Like Vortex2003
Schleicher, ChristophPh.D. thesisEssays on the Decomposition of Economic Variables2003
Krislock, Nathan G. B.M.Sc. thesisNumerical Solution of Semidefinite Constrained Least Squares Problems2003
Alqallaf, FatemahPh.D. thesisA New Contamination Model for Robust Estimation with Large High-Dimensional Data Sets2003
Mititica, GabrielM.Sc. essayIntroduction to Collateralized Debt Obligations2003
Liang, Margaret HongxiaM.Sc. thesisRivulet Flow and Stability2003
Moyers-Gonzales, MiguelM.Sc. thesisNonlinearly Stable Multilayer Viscoplastic Flows2003
Pelipenko, SviatoslavM.Sc. thesisDisplacement Flow of Non-Newtonian Fluids in an Eccentric Annulus2002
Nosal, Eva-MarieM.Sc. thesisRoom Sound Field Prediction by Acoustical Radiosity2002
Bolton, Matthew RobertM.Sc. thesisA 2D Conduction-Convection Model of a Jet Impinging on a Flat Plate2002
Orosi, GregM.Sc. thesisA Stochastic Markov Chain Model for Bond Ratings2002
Reich, UlrikeM.Sc. essayHedging in an International Environment2002
Young, Alyssa MichelleM.Sc. thesisAnomalous Atmospheric Circulations Forced by Volcanic Aerosols2002
Chang, Bo YoungM.Sc. thesisIntroduction to Credit Derivatives2002
Norris, AmyM.Sc. thesisMultivariate Analysis and Reverse Engineering of Signal Transduction Pathways2002
Luca, MagdalenaPh.D. thesisApplication of Chemotactic Models to Alzheimer's Disease2002
Glover, CliveM.Sc. essayGene Expression Profiling for Hematopoietic Cell Culture2001
James, Douglas L.Ph.D. thesisMultiresolution Green's Function Methods for Interactive Simulation of Large-Scale Elastostatic Objects and Other Physical Systems in Equilibrium2001
Bridge, LloydM.Sc. thesisCondensation in a Porous Medium2001
Aruliah, DhavidePh.D. thesisFast Solvers for Time-Harmonic Maxwell's Equations in 3D2001
Chan, DanielM.Sc. essayValue at Risk2001
Dion, ValerieM.Sc. essayIntroduction to Mortgage-Backed Securities2001
Rodriguez-Mancilla, Jose RamonM.Sc. essayMathematical Finance, Value at Risk2001
Iron, DavidPh.D. thesisThe Stability and Dynamics of Spike-Type Solutions to the Gierer-Meinhardt Model2001
Wacher, AbigailM.Sc. thesisA Radiation Model of a Rapid Thermal Processing System2001
Lewis, GregPh.D. thesisDouble Hopf Bifurcations in Two Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Models2000
Ho, AndyM.Sc. thesisWillow Tree2000
Jamali, MirmosadeghM.Sc. thesisAsymptotic Analysis of Interaction of a Surface Wave with Two Internal Waves2000
Quinn, DeclanPh.D. thesisAtmospheric Wave-Mean Flow Interactions2000
Sakellaris, ConstantinosM.Sc. thesisAn Examination of a Model of the Term Structure of Interest Rates: Kennedy's Model2000
Pinder, ShellyM.Sc. thesisStability Properties of the Direct Boundary Element Method Applied to the Elastodynamic Equations2000
Urminsky, DavidM.Sc. thesisVerifying Computer Solutions to Discrete-Time Dynamical Systems2000
Dawes, Adriana TiamaeM.Sc. thesisA Study of Synchrony and Phaselocking Through Excitatory/Inhibitory Coupling1999
Kolokolnikov, TheodoreM.Sc. thesisConnections Between Symmetries and Integrating Factors of ODEs1999
Patrick, JonathanM.Sc. thesisConvergence of Behavior Rules in Iterated Matrix Games1999
Podhorsky, AndreaM.A. essayTowards a Bounded Rationality: Epistemic Models in Economics1999
Madden, JoshuaM.Sc. thesisGoing Critical: An Investigation of Diameter-Critical Graphs1999
Titcombe, MichèlePh.D. thesisApplications of a Hybrid Asymptotic-Numerical Method for Certain Two-Dimensional Singular Perturbation Problems1999
Newbury, PeterPh.D. thesisStrong Gravitational Lensing: Blueprints for Galaxy-Cluster Core Reconstruction1998
Su, YuhongM.Sc. thesisCollocation Spectral Methods in the Solution of Poisson Equation1998
Chen, HeliPh.D. thesisThe Quadrature Discretization Method and Its Applications1998
Enns-Ruttan, Jennifer SylviaPh.D. thesisAnalysis of Electrophysiological Models of Spontaneous Secondary Spiking and Triggered Activity1998
Sun, XiaodiPh.D. thesisMetastable Dynamics of Convection-Diffusion-Reaction Equations1998
Spiros, AthanPh.D. thesisInvestigating Models for Cross-Linker Mediated Actin Filament Dynamics1998
Anderies, J. MartyPh.D. thesisCulture, Economic Structure, and the Dynamics of Ecological Economic Systems1998
Ullrich, ChrisM.Sc. thesisContact Mechanics using Green'a Functions for Interactive Simulated Environments1998
Thiara, Rajpal SinghM.Sc. thesisLong-Term Potentiation and Mathematical Analysis of Electrical Models of Dendritic Spines1998
Greif, ChenPh.D. thesisAnalysis of Cyclic Reduction for the Numerical Solution of Three-Dimensional Convection-Diffusion Equations1998
Haber, EldadPh.D. thesisNumerical Strategies for the Solution of Inverse Problems1997
Iron, DavidM.Sc. thesisMeta-Stability of the Gierer-Meinhardt Equations1997
James, Douglas L.M.Sc. thesisA Survey of Boundary Element Methods for A Two-Dimensional Fracture Model1997
Maxwell, DavidM.Sc. thesisOn the Regularity of a Model of a Non-Newtonian Fluid1997
Spiteri, RayPh.D. thesisSolution Methods for Differential Systems Subject to Algebraic Inequality Constraints1997
Stafford, DouglasM.Sc. thesisAsymptotic and Numerical Analysis of the Allen-Cahn Equation with a Mass Constraint1997
Stockie, John MichaelPh.D. thesisAnalysis and Computation of Immersed Boundaries, with Application to Pulp Fibres1997
Dai, LongxiangPh.D. thesisLattice Boltzmann Equation Models for Migration of Ions in the Brain and Their Applications1997
Sakai, ShuichiM.Sc. thesisPioneer-Climax Tree Competition Models1997
Dery, FrancisM.Sc. thesisLinear Stability Analysis of an Oceanic Frontal System over a Submarine Ridge1997
Anderies, J. MartyM.Sc. thesisAn Adaptive Model for Predicting !Kung Reproductive Performance: A Stochastic Dynamic Programming Approach1996
Han, BingM.Sc. thesis1996
Moulton, DavidPh.D. thesisNodal Methods: Performance, Analysis and Fast Iterative Solvers1996
Doran-Wu, PatrickPh.D. thesisExtension of Lie's Algorithm: A Potential Symmetries Classification of PDEs1996
Heuff, DarlenePh.D. thesisModification of Boundary Layer Roll Dynamics by Induced Tropospheric Gravity Waves1996
Ruuth, StevenPh.D. thesisEfficient Algorithms for Diffusion-Generated Motion by Mean Curvature1996
Shore, JenniferPh.D. thesisTidal Residual Circulation over an Axisymmetric Seamount: Seamount Geometry Effects1996
Orchard, JeffM.Sc. thesisReaction-Diffusion Modelling of Somite Formation: Computed Dynamics and Bifurcation Analysis1996
Watmough, JamesPh.D. thesisThe Dynamics and Structure of Groups: Two Case Studies of the Common Honey Bee1996
Shi, PingM.Sc. thesisThe Interior Point Method and Its Application to the Fractional (g,f)-Factor problem1996
Civelekoglu, GulPh.D. thesisModelling the Dynamics of Actin in Cells1995
He, PingfanPh.D. thesisNumerical Predication of Film Cooling of Turbine Blades1995
McFadzean-Ferguson, SimonM.Sc. thesisSpatial Estimation: The Geostatistical Point of View1995
Lin, PingPh.D. thesisRegularization Methods for Differential Equations and Their Numerical Solution1995
Van Coller, LynnPh.D. thesisQualitative Analyses of Ecological Models – An Automated Dynamical Systems Approach1995
Haigh, Susan PatriciaPh.D. thesisNon-Symmetric Holmboe Waves1995
Mogilner, AlexanderPh.D. thesisModelling Spatio-Angular Patterns in Cell Biology1995
De Vries, GerdaPh.D. thesisAnalysis of Models of Bursting Electrical Activity in Pancreatic Beta Cells1995
Ritchie, Robert JamesM.Sc. thesisInternational Tax Competition: The Effects of Transportation Costs1995
Chin, Hong ShengPh.D. thesisStabilization Methods for Simulations of Constrained Multibody Dynamics1995
Jiang, XunleiPh.D. thesisNumerical Simulations of Semiconductor Devices by Streamline-Diffusion Methods1995
Rucker, MagdelenaM.Sc. thesisA Convective Boundary Layer Model with Time-Adaptive Grids1995
Walsh, OwenPh.D. thesisOn Approximate Inertial Manifolds for the Navier-Stokes Equations Using Finite Elements1994
Liu, YidongM.Sc. thesisJoint Inversion for Correlated Models in Linear Inverse Problems1994
Nam, YunsunPh.D. thesisMatching Theory: Subgraphs with Degree Constraints and Other Properties1994
Suo, WulinPh.D. thesisExistence of Singular Optimal Controls1994
Boulton, AlanM.Sc. thesisNew Symmetries from Old: Exploiting Lie Algebra Structure1993
Newbury, PeterM.Sc. thesis(2+1)-Dimensional Gravity over a Two-Holed Torus T2#T21993
Royer, SophieM.Sc. thesisStudies of the Immune Network Based on Shape-Space and Distance Coefficient1993
Blackett, Andrew W.M.Sc. thesisWind Induced Entrainment in the Strait of Georgia and the Possible Consequences for Fish Survival1993
Glaum, MichaelM.Sc. thesisStabilization via Smooth Partitions, Transversality and Graphs1993
Irwin, Andrew J.M.Sc. thesisThe Discrete Velocity Method in Plasma Physics1993
Lai, Henry Kwok-HeiM.Sc. thesisApplication of the Extended Kalman Filter to Enzyme Reactions1993
Carter, PaulPh.D. thesisThe Shape-From-Shading Problem in Computational Vision1993
Zheng, HuihengPh.D. thesisSecond Order Necessary Conditions in Optimal Control1993
Ruuth, StevenM.Sc. thesisImplicit-Explicit Methods for Time-Dependent PDEs1993
Watmough, JamesM.Sc. thesisModeling the Swarming Behavior of Army Ants1992
Zangenah, DavidPh.D. thesisHopf Bifurcation in Magnetocon-Vection in the Presence of Sidewalls1992
Storm, AndrewPh.D. thesisConstrained Stochastic Differential Equations1992
Beukema, Sarah J.M.Sc. thesisModels for Tent Caterpillar-Virus Interactions1992
Brzustowski, JohnM.Sc. thesisCan You Win at Tetris?1992
Foster, ToniM.Sc. thesisA Study of Phase Resetting, Mutual Entrainment, and Modified Ventricular Parasystole using a Model of Coupled Heart Cells1992
Endres, Anthony LeePh.D. thesisA Theoretical Treatment of Microscopic Phenomena in Porous Rocks1991
Omielan, JohnM.Sc. thesisModelling of Semelparous/Ineroparous Polymorphism in Botryllus Schlosseri1991
Ainslie, BruceM.Sc. thesisAnalytical and Experimental Study of Flow from a Slot into Free Stream1991
Huang, HuaxiongPh.D. thesisIncompressible Viscous Flow in Tubes with Occlusions1991
Pidgeon, Robert W.M.Sc. thesisDynamics and Control of a Flexible Tethered System with Offset1991
Zhou, Jian MingM.Sc. thesisA Multi-Grid Method for Computation of Film Cooling1990
Weaver, Anthony T.M.Sc. thesisOn Assimilating Sea Surface Temperature Data into an Ocean General Circulation Model1990
Hnidei, Stephen D.M.Sc. thesisSelective Withdrawal of a Linearly Stratified Fluid in a Triangular Reservoir1990
Ma, Alex Yim-CheongM.Sc. thesisExtended Group Analysis of the Wave Equation1990
Bermejo, RodolfoPh.D. thesisAnalysis of a Galerkin-Characteristic Algorithm for the Potential Vorticity-Stream Function Equations1990
Mah, ChristopherPh.D. thesisMathematical Topics in the Theory of Excitable Media1989
Steiner, StefanM.Sc. thesisGrace Hospital Computer Simulation Model1989
Reason, Christopher James CharlesPh.D. thesisCoastally Trapped Disturbances in the Lower Atmosphere1989
Ross, Sally A.M.Sc. thesisThe Numerical Treatment of Ill-posed Problems using the Method of Conjugate Gradients1988
Scott, KarenM.Sc. thesisA Supra-Convergent Scheme for the Solution of Differential Equations on an Arbitrary Mesh1988
Adams, StevenM.Sc. thesisSemiconductor Device Modelling Using the Multigrid Method1988
Carter, Paul M.M.Sc. thesisA Multigrid Method for Determining the Deflection of Lithospheric Plate1988
Weaver, AndrewPh.D. thesisNumerical and Analytical Modelling of Oceanic/Atmospheric Processes1987
Lin, YihanPh.D. thesisA Mathematical Theory of Elastic Orthotropic Plates in Plane Strain and Axi-Symmetric Deformations1987
Swaters, Gordon EdwinPh.D. thesisOn the Stability and Propagation of Barotropic Modons in Slowly Varying Media1985
Charles, Anthony TrevorPh.D. thesisOptimal Fisheries Investment1982
Zeidan, Vera MichelPh.D. thesisSufficient Conditions for Optimal Control and the Generalized Problem of Bolza1982
Tsui, Kam-WahPh.D. thesisSimultaneous Estimation of the Parameters of Independent Poisson Random Variables1978
Mangel, MarcPh.D. thesisSmall Fluctuations at the Unstable Steady State1977
Sawaki, KatsushigePh.D. thesisPiecewise-Linear Markov Decision Processes with an Application to Partially Observable Markov Models1977
Samaradasa, WeerahandiPh.D. thesisBargaining Solutions to the Problem of Exchange of Uncertain Ventures1977