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Welcome to Professor Giovanni Gallipoli

Giovanni  is a professor in the Vancouver School of Economics at UBC. His research focuses on the measurement and impact of heterogeneity on individual behaviors and aggregate economic outcomes, with a focus on policy. Dr. Gallipoli has worked on a variety of topics, including numerical general equilibrium models of consumption and income inequality; the link […]

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Welcome to Professor Christoph Ortner

We are happy to welcome Christoph Ortner as a new faculty member of the IAM. Christoph is a professor in the Mathematics Department at UBC. Christoph works in numerical analysis, applied analysis, scientific computing, and machine learning, with particular focus on applications to atomistic modelling, multi-scale modelling, and coarse-graining. He joined UBC in August 2020, […]

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Welcome to Professor Sven Bachmann

Sven Bachmann is an associate professor in the Department of Mathematics at UBC. His research on topological aspects of condensed matter physics is motivated in part by applications to metrology (the quantum Hall effect has been used to define a standard for electrical resistance) and quantum information (topological quantum computation by anyons is one of […]

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