Below is a list of  former IAM graduate students and postdocs. We strongly encourage all of our alumni to stay connected with one another and with the IAM.

NameDegreeDeptYear CompletedSupervisorThesisThesis URL
Kelsey EverardPhDCivil Engineering2024Gregory Lawrence, Marc ParlangeNatural convective processes
Mahdi IzadiPhDMech Engr2024Ian Frigaard Constant pressure invasion of viscoplastic suspensions in thin conduits
Mohammad ZandsalimyPhDMech Engr2024Carl Olivier-GoochStability analysis and improvement in computational fluid dynamics
Mallory FlynnPhDMathematics2023Paul GustafsonHidden at the root : statistical methods for population size estimation on trees
Qidi ZhangPhDMathematics2023Juncheng WeiThe construction of blow-up solutions for some evolution equations
Ronak GuptaPhDMech Engr2023Ian Frigaard, Gwynne ElfringRheology and flow dynamics of wormlike micellar gels
Tina BehniaMScECE2023Christos ThrampouildisLearning from imbalanced data : a geometric study on over-parameterized models
Bakytzhan KurmanbekMScMathematics2023Elina RobevaMultivariate super-resolution without separation
Brian IrwinPhDGeophysics2023Eldad HaberHow to descend a rocky slope : numerical techniques for the solution of noisy optimization problems
Damien HuetPhDMathematics2023Anthony WachsNumerical methods for biological flows laden with deformable capsules and solid particles
Gabriela Clara RaczPhDEOAS2023Christian SchoofInverse modelling of subglacial hydraulic processes
Ivonne MedinaPhDMech Engr2023Ian Frigaard GPU computing of yield stress fluid flows in narrow gaps
Jose GonsalvesMScMech Engr2023Rajeev Jaiman
Mateusz FaltynMScMathematics2023Elina RobevaConvolutional neural network compression via tensor decomposition
Nathan LawrencePhDMathematics2023Philip Loewen, Bhushan GopaluniDeep reinforcement learning agents for industrial control system design
Noe DucharmeMScMathematics2023Carl Ollivier-Gooch
Ruo Ning (Nancy) QiuMScMathematics2023Christoph OrtnerParameter estimation for many-body potentials
Alireza NaderiMScMathematics2022Yaniv Plan A sparsity-free compressed sensing theory with applications in generative model recovery
Andres RossMScMathematics2022Christoph OrtnerImplementation of a nonlinear Atomic Cluster Expansion
Ariel DufresneMscMathematics2022Neil BalmforthA study of the Saffman-Taylor instability in viscoplastic fluids
Catherine ByrnePhDMicrobiol Immunol2022Daniel Coombs, Soren GanttHost-virus interactions and the determinants of infection dynamics
Eric RozonMScMathematics2022Michael WardSquirrel banking : essays on the evolutionary foundations of patience and time preferences
Justin FurlotteMScMathematics2022Sven Bachmann, Richard FroeseThe quantum hall effect and bulk-edge correspondence on lattice systems
Mia KramerMScComp Sci2022Michael FriedlanderAtomicSets.jl : the calculus of support functions in Julia
Mingfei ShiMScMathematics2022Yankai CaoGlobal optimization of clustering problems
Navjot VirkMScMathematics2022Daniel CoombsEpidemic modeling of a simple respiratory pathogen
Rachit GuptaMScMech Engr2022Rajeev JaimanDeep learning-based reduced order modeling for unsteady flow dynamics and fluid-structure interaction
Rebeca Cardim FalcaoPhDMathematics2022Daniel CoombsMulti-states inference for analysing noisy single-particle trajectories
Rebecca Bonham-CarterMScMathematics2022Geoff ScheibingerDevelopmental trajectory inference with multi-time clonal barcodes
Rodrigo MitishitaPhDMech Engr2022Ian Frigaard, Gwynne ElfringExperiments on turbulent flows of elasto-viscoplastic fluids
Samantha BardwellMScMathematics2022Daniel CoombsExtending Susceptible-Infected-Recovered modeling to COVID-19
Stephen ZhangMScMathematics2022Geoff SchiebingerDynamical inference for biological processes through the lens of optimal transport
Vincent GuanMScMathematics2022Juncheng Wei, Mathav MuruganHelmholtz solutions for the fractional Laplacian and other related operators
Zhenan FanPhDComp Sci2022Michael FriedlanderDuality in structured and federated optimization : theory and applications
Zhiyuan TongMAscMech Engr2022Mattia BaccaFinite element methods for optimizing the fracture toughness of fibrillar adhesives and the deep indentation of hyperelastic materials
Huang FangPhDComp Sci2021Michael FriedlanderFirst-order methods for structured optimization
Sarafa Adewale IyaniwuraPhDMathematics2021Michael Ward, Colin Macdonald, Daniel CoombsTopics in the asymptotic analysis of narrow escape and quorum-sensing behavior for PDE models with biological applications
Aaron BerkPhDMathematics2021Yaniv Plan, Ozgur YilmazOn LASSO parameter sensitivity
Adrienne KinmanMScNeuroscience2021Mark Cembrowski
Alex ChuMScMathematics2021Colin MacDonaldClosest point methods with polyharmonic spline radial basis functions and local refinement
Amin ShobeiriMAScMech Engr2021Mauricio PongaCapillarity in complicated geometries
Arman AbtahiPhDMech Engr2021Gwynn ElfringHydrodynamic interactions : microswimmers near boundaries
Daniel GomezPhDMathematics2021Michael Ward, Juncheng WeiAn analysis of localized patterns in some novel reaction diffusion models
Farid HoseynianMAScMech Engr2021Mattia BaccaTheoretical limits in detachment of fibrillar dry adhesives under geometrical confinement
Frederic Paquin-LefebvrePhDMathematics2021Michael Ward, Wayne NagataOn the weakly nonlinear analysis of coupled bulk-surface reaction-diffusion systems : theory, numerics, applications
Harman KhunguraMScMech Engr2021Mattia Bacca, Rene HenselImproving load sharing efficiency in dry fibrillar adhesives with interfacial curvature and the asymptotic solution to optimal compliance distribution
Joshua ScurllPhDMathematics2021Daniel CoombsNew methods for cluster analysis and their applications to the biology of B cells and diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
Mengdi HuaMScMathematics2021Michael Ward
Naba MukhtarMScMathematics2021Leah KeshetA simulation of epithelial sheet growth with internal signaling
Rachel (Ha Jung) HanMScMathematics2021Colin MacDonald, Brian WettonA fast solver for the pseudo-two-dimensional model of lithium-ion batteries
Tony (Ka Wah) WongPhDMathematics2021Colin MacDonald, Michael WardAn asymptotic and numerical analysis of localized solutions to some linear and nonlinear pattern formation problems with heterogeneities
Xinyu ChengPhDMathematics2021Brian WettonAnalytical and numerical results for phase field, implicit free boundary, and fluid models
Alejandra Herrera-ReyesPhDMathematics2020Daniel CoombsInterpretation of fluorescence microscopy experiments on cell surface receptor dynamics with stochastic and deterministic mathematical models
Chen WangPhDMathematics2020Neil BalmforthBaroclinic critical layers in rotating stratified shear flows
Chen WangPhD2020N. Balmforth
Clinton DurneyPhDMathematics2020James FengApplications of vertex modelling to epithelial morphogenesis
Jummy DavidPhDInterdisciplinary Studies2020Fred BrauerThe study of epidemic and endemic diseases using mathematical models
Kimberly WillcottMScMathematics2020Neil BalmforthDouble diffusive convection and steady 2D salt finger solutions in porous media
Lewis LiuMScMathematics2020Colin MacDonald
Mehadi HasanPhDMech Engr2020Mattia Bacca, Gwynn Elfring
Mingfeng QiuPhDMathematics2020James FengComputational studies on interfacial dynamics in complex fluids
Parisa SarmadiPhDMech Engr2020Ian Frigaard Visco-plastically lubricated multi-layer flows with application to transport in pipelines
Raksha MahalinkamPhDMech Engr2020Gwynn Elfring
Sanna TyrvainenPhDMathematics2020Eldad HaberSoft labels and supervised image classification
Saurav SahuMScEOAS2020Susan AllenCharacterizing the lowest oxygen waters on the southern continental shelf off Vancouver Island
Wesley RidgwayMScMathematics2020Michael Ward, Brian WettonAnalysis of a 2D model of quorum sensing characterized by a transition from bistability in spatially coupled signalling compartments
Yu Ju (Edwin) ChenPhDComp Sci2020Uri Ascher, Dinesh PaiIntegrators for elastodynamic simulation with stiffness and stiffening
Alastair Jamieson-LanePhDMathematics2019Eric Cytrynbaum Deterministic and stochastic modeling of the Min system for cell division
Anyi (Casie) BaoMScMathematics2019Michael FriedlanderAn accelerated dual method for SPGL1
Felix FunkMScMathematics2019Christoph HauertDirected migration shapes cooperation in spatial ecological public goods games
Laurent CharettePhDMathematics2019Wayne Nagata, Colin MacdonaldPattern Formation on Curved Surfaces
Amir MalekiPhDMathematics2019Ian Frigaard Annular displacement flows in turbulent and mixed flow regimes
Aram BahriniMScMathematics2019Christoph Hauert
Arman AhmadiehPhDMathematics2019Ozgur Yilmaz
Arun RajendranMScMathematics2019Anthony WachsParallel direction splitting for 3D incompressible Navier-Stokes equations
Charu DattPhDMech Engr2019Gwynn ElfringDynamics of small particles, passive and active, in complex fluids
Liran LiMScComp Sci2019Michael Friedlander
Luz Caudillo-MataPostdoc2019E. Haber
Oscar LopezPhDMathematics2019Ozgur YilmazEmbracing nonuniform samples
William CarlquistPhDMathematics2019Eric Cytrynbaum A homotopy-minimization method for parameter estimation in differential equations and its application in unraveling the reaction mechanism of the Min system
Ye LiuPhDMathematics2019Neil Balmforth, Sarah HormoziTheoretical and numerical study of free-surface flow of viscoplastic fluids : 2D dambreaks, axisymmetrical slumps and surges down an inclined slope
Yue LiuMScMathematics2019Leah Edelstein-KeshetAnalysis of pattern formation in reaction-diffusion models for cell polarization
Babak NasouriPhDMech Engr2018Gwynn ElfringElastohydrodynamic interactions at small scales
Cole ZmurchokPhDMathematics2018Leah Edelstein-KeshetFrom signalling to cell behaviour : modelling multi-scale organization in single and collective cellular systems
David KongMScMathematics2018Brian Wetton, Bhushan GopaluniAn analysis of lithium-ion battery state-of-health through physical experiments and mathematical modelling
Mekdes TessemaMScEOAS2018Valentina RadicEvaluation of dynamically downscaled near-surface meteorological variables and energy fluxes at three mountain glaciers in British Columbia
Behrooz YousefzadehPhDMech Engr2017Srikantha PhaniWave transmission in finite dissipative nonlinear periodic structures
Sumaia Parveen ShuptiMScMathematics2017
Jia GouPhD2016Michael Ward
Wang Hung TsePhD2016Michael Ward
Zhiwei PengMAScMech Engr2016Gwynn ElfringInertialess swimming and propulsion of slender bodies
Bernhard KonradPhD2015Dan Coombs
Fred (Farbod) Roosta-KhorasaniPhD2015Uri Ascher
Iain MoylesPhD2015Brian Wetton, Michael Ward
Ida KarimfazliPhDMech Engr2015Ian FrigaardBuoyancy-driven flow of viscoplastic fluids
Michael LindstromPhD2015Brian Wetton
William ThompsonPhD2015Rachel Kuske
Yi SuiMSc2015Neil Balmforth
Jiaxing WangMSc2014Rachel Kuske
Yifan ChangMSc2014Juncheng Wei
Anirban GuhaPhDCivil Engineering2013Carl Ollivier-Gooch, Greg LawrenceTwo dimensional hydrodynamic instabilities in shear flows
Navid GhadermarzyMScMathematics2013Ozgur YilmazUsing prior support information in compressed sensing
Laura LiaoMSc2013Leah Keshet
Tong QinMSc2013Dominik Schoetzau
Yue MiMSc2012I. Ekeland
Kelly PatonMSc2011E. Cytrynbaum
Mark WilloughbyPhD2011B. Wetton
Peter BellMSc2011I. Ekeland
Sa ZhaiMSc2011I. Ekeland
Seyed Mohammad TaghaviPhD2011I. Frigaard
Tao ChengMSc2011I. Ekeland
Venu KurellaMSc2011D. Coombs, M. Ward
Xiaoxi WeiPhD2011D. Schötzau
Yifei ChenMSc2011I. Ekeland
Zian ZhaoMSc2011I. Ekeland
Alan LindsayPhD2010M. Ward
Andy Tak Shik WanMSc2010G. Bluman
Avishka RaghoonundunMSc2010I. Ekeland
Ian ChanMSc2010N. Balmforth
Jennifer MorrisonMSc2010D. Coombs
Jun AllardPhD2010E. Cytrynbaum
Li WangMSc2010I. Ekeland
Liang ZhuPhD2010Dominik Schötzau
Maria KhomenkoMSc2010N. Balmforth, A. Peirce
Mariana Carrasco-TejaPhD2010I. Frigaard
Rayan SaabPhD2010Ö. Yilmaz, R. Ward
Siliang ZhangMSc2010I. Ekeland
Alberto Molina-EscobarPhD2009M. Barlow
Alexandra JilkinePhD2009L. Keshet, E. Cytrynbaum
Eric DeGiuliMSc2009C. Schoof, G. Clarke
Erin ProskMSc2009L. Keshet
Florina HalasanPhD2009R. Froese
Gavin Arthur Mervyn Wyverstone SteiningerMASc2009M. Hodgson
Huakun DingMSc2009I. Ekeland
Jieren (Cecilia) WangMSc2009R. Kuske
Na YuPhD2009Y.-X. Li, R. Kuske
Ryan LukemanPhD2009L. Keshet
Sandra MerchantPhD2009W. Nagata
Ulaş AyazMSc2009O. Yilmaz
Wan ChenPhD2009M. Ward, B. Wetton
Evgeniy LebedMSc2008Ö. Yilmaz, F. Herrmann
Hui HuangPhD2008U. Ascher
James BaileyMSc2008L. Keshet, D. Coombs
Joseph Quin Wai LoPhD2008B. Shizgal
Omer DushekPhD2008D. Coombs
Patrick FletcherMSc2008Y. X. Li, E. Cytrynbaum
Samara PillayMSc2008A. Peirce
Shilpa GhadgeMSc2008N. Balmforth
Sydney PachmannMSc2008D. Coombs, N. Balmforth
Zeliang LuMSc2008U. Haussmann
Zhenguo PanPhD2008B. Wetton
Zhiqing WangMSc2008U. Haussmann
Arsalan FarrokhMSc2007U. Haussmann
Bruno L'EsperanceMSc2007R. Kuske
Christine YangMSc2007F. Brauer
Daniel OlmosPhDChemistry2007B. Shizgal
Jason DonaldsonMSc2007N. Ghoussoub
Mei WangPhD2007K. Bushe
Rosalia Aguirre-HernandezPhD2007A. Condon, H. Hoos
Yujin GuoPhD2007N. Ghoussoub, I. Ekeland
Adriana Tiamae DawesPhD2006L. Keshet
Colleen BallMSc2006D. Coombs
David JohnPhD2006D. Pulfrey, M. Ward
Lloyd BridgePhD2006B. Wetton
Miguel Moyers-GonzalesPhD2006I. Frigaard
Sarah MacKinnon-CormierMSc2006C. Greif
Shreyas MandrePhD2006N. Balmforth
Yi Fan TianMSc2006U. Horst
Alain PratMSc2005W. Nagata
Catherine DupuisMSc2005F. Herrmann
Che-Ming Steve ChouMSc2005U. Haussmann
Feng YuPhD2005E. Perkins
Florica ComanMSc2005R. Kuske
Hangjun YangMSc2005R. Anstee
Israeli RanPhD2005R. Miura, E. Puil
Jianqiang (James) XuMSc2005I. Ekeland
Paul PereiraM.A.Sc.2005D. Pulfrey, M. Ward
Richard KublikMSc2005L. Keshet
Yongning ZhuMSc2005R. Bridson, C. Greif
Zhe WangMSc2005U. Haussmann
Eunha (Alicia) ShimMSc2004F. Brauer
Ivan BandicMSc2004U. Haussmann
Maria P. LandryMSc2004I. Frigaard
Rodrigo Rivas-CortesMSc2004U. Haussmann
Roger D. DonaldsonMSc2004B. Wetton
Stefan ReinkerPhD2004R. Miura, E. Puil
Theodore KolokolnikovPhD2004M. Ward
Aurelie GoaterMSc2003G. Lawrence
Christoph SchleicherPhD2003J. M. Nason
Daniel RyanMSc2003I. Frigaard
Eddy BoxermanMSc2003U. Ascher
Fatemah AlqallafPhD2003R. Zamar
Gabriel MititicaMSc2003U. Haussmann
Gillian CleggMSc2003U. Haussmann
Hamidreza FaradiMSc2003U. Haussmann
Laurent BorredonMSc2003T. Wang
Margaret LiangMSc2003B. Wetton
Nathan G. B. KrislockMSc2003J. Varah
Neville DubashM.A.Sc.2003I. Frigaard, S. Green
Alyssa M. YoungMSc2002L. Pandolfo
Amy NorrisMSc2002L. Keshet
Bo Young ChangMSc2002U. Haussmann
Eva-Marie NosalMSc2002M. Hodgson
Greg OrosiMSc2002U. Haussmann
Magdalena LucaPhD2002L. Keshet
Matthew BoltonMSc2002B. Seymour
Sviatoslav PelipenkoMSc2002I. Frigaard
Ulrike ReichMSc2002U. Haussmann
Zita ChengMSc2002S. Fels
Abigail WacherMSc2001B. Seymour
Clive GloverMSc2001J. Piret
Daniel ChanMSc2001U. Haussmann
David IronPhD2001R. Miura, M. Ward
Dhavide AruliahPhD2001U. Ascher
Doug L. JamesPhD2001D. Pai
Valerie DionMSc2001U. Haussmann
Andy HoPhD2000U. Haussmann
David UrminskyMSc2000W. Nagata
Declan QuinnPhD2000L. Pandolfo
Greg LewisPhD2000W. Nagata
Jose Rodriguez-MancillaMSc2000U. Haussmann
Konstantinos SakellarisMSc2000U. Haussmann
Mirmosadegh JamaliMSc2000B. Seymour
Shelly PinderMSc2000A. Peirce
Andrea PodhorskyMSc1999J. Weymark
Jonathan PatrickMSc1999P. Loewen
Joshua MaddenMSc1999R. Anstee
Michele TitcombePhD1999M. Ward
Phillip CollingsPhD1999U. Haussmann
Richard TaylorMSc1999&nbsp
Athan SpirosPhD1998L. Keshet
Chen GreifPhD1998J. Varah
Chris UllrichMSc1998D. Pai
Heli ChenPhD1998B. Shizgal
J. Marty AnderiesPhD1998C. Clark
Jennifer Sylvia Enns-RuttanPhD1998R. Miura
Peter NewburyPhD1998G. Fahlman
Rajpal ThiaraMSc1998R. Miura
Xiaodi SunPhD1998M. Ward
Yuhong SuMSc1998B. Shizgal
David MaxwellMSc1997J. Heywood
Douglas StaffordMSc1997M. Ward
Eldad HaberPhD1997D. Oldenburg
Francis DeryMSc1997S. Allen
John Michael StockiePhD1997B. Wetton
Longxiang DaiPhD1997R. Miura
Ray SpiteriPhD1997U. Ascher, D. Pai
Shuichi SakaiMSc1997W. Nagata
Bing HanMSc1996U. Haussmann
Darlene HeuffPhD1996S. Allen, D. Steyn
David MoultonPhD1996U. Ascher
James WatmoughPhD1996L. Keshet
Jeff OrchardMSc1996W. Nagata, L. Harrison
Jennifer ShorePhD1996S. Allen
Patrick Doran-WuPhD1996G. Bluman
Ping ShiMSc1996R. Anstee
Steven RuuthPhD1996U. Ascher, B. Wetton
Alex MogilnerPhD1995L. Keshet
Gerda De VriesPhD1995R. Miura
Gul CivelekogluPhD1995L. Keshet
Hong Sheng ChinPhD1995U. Ascher
Lynn Van CollerPhD1995D. Ludwig
Magdelena RuckerMSc1995B. Wetton
Ping LinPhD1995U. Ascher
Pingfan HePhD1995M. Salcudean
Robert RitchieMSc1995C. Clark
Simon McFadzean-FergusonMSc1995R. Zamar, D. Ludwig
Susan Patricia HaighPhD1995G. Lawrence
Xunlei JiangPhD1995U. Ascher
Jian Ming ZhouPhD1994M. Salcudean
Owen WalshPhD1994J. Heywood
Yidong LiuMSc1994P. Loewen
Yunsum NamPhD1994R. Anstee
Alan BoultonMSc1993G. Bluman
Andrew J. IrwinMSc1993B. Shizgal
Andrew W. BlackettMSc1993S. Pond
David BaileyMSc1993W. Hsieh
Henry Kwok-Hei LaiMSc1993R. Miura
Michael GlaumMSc1993W. Nagata
Paul CarterPhD1993U. Ascher, M. Yedlin
Sophie RoyerMSc1993G. Hoffmann
Andrew StormPhD1992U. Haussmann
David ZangenahPhD1992W. Nagata
Huaxiong HuangPhD1992V. Modi
John BrzustowskiMSc1992R. Anstee
Sarah J. BeukemaMSc1992D. Ludwig, J. Myers
Toni FosterMSc1992R. Miura
Anthony Lee EndresPhD1991R. Knight
Bruce AinslieMSc1991I. Gartshore
John OmielanMSc1991C. Clark
Robert W. PidgeonMSc1991B. Seymour
Alex Yim-Cheong MaMSc1990G. Bluman
Anthony WeaverMSc1990W. Hsieh
Rodolfo BermejoPhD1990W. Hsieh
Stephen D. HnideiMSc1990G. Lawrence
Christopher James Charles ReasonPhD1989D. G. Steyn
Christopher MahPhD1989R. Miura
Stefan SteinerMSc1989D. Uyeno
Karaen ScottMSc1988U. Ascher
Sally A. RossMSc1988J. Varah
Stephen E. AdamsMSc1988U. Ascher
Andrew WeaverPhD1987L. Mysak
Yihan LinPhD1987G. Bluman
Gordon Edwin SwatersPhD1985P. H. LeBlond, L. A. Mysak
Anthony Trevor CharlesPhD1982C. Clark
Vera Michel ZeidanPhD1982F. H. Clarke
Harry JoeMSc1979J. Petkau
Murray BeslerMSc1979M. Schulzer
Cheryl McKeemanMSc1978S. Nash, J. Zidek
Daniel WrightPhD1978L. Mysak
Donald LooPhD1978H. Vaughan
Kam-Wah TsuiPhD1978J. Press
Maurice W. BensonPhD1978J. Varah
Mirza AliMSc1978J. Press
Gur HubermanMSc1977D. Ludwig
Katsushige SawakiPhD1977S. L. Brumelle
Koon Wing ChengMSc1977A. Marshall
Marc MangelPhD1977D. Ludwig
Mark ChaseMSc1977R. Restrepo, C. Laszlo, D. Uyeno
Weerahandi SamaradasaPhD1977S. W. Nash, L. M. Clevenson, J. V. Zidek
David FynnMSc1976J. Zidek
Eusebius DoedelPhD1976J. Varah
Nancy ReidMSc1976J. Zidek, M. Schulzer
Clinton A. LeePhD1975L. Mysak
David FullerMSc1975L. Mysak
Ella Mae MatsumuraMSc1975J. Vertinsky
Peter SammonMSc1975J. Varah
Rheinhart PiaterMSc1975S. Brumelle
William ReedPhD1975C. Clark
Fausto MilinazzoPhD1974G. Bluman
Hart KatzPhD1974L. Halabisky, G. Bluman
Robert KusiakMSc1974J. Varah
Derek A. AllwoodM.A.1972H. Vaughan
Aili ShaoMathematics0
Edwin ChenPhDU. Ascher
Fan BaiPhDFred Brauer
Hildur KnutsdottirPhDLeah Edelstein-Keshet
Huiheng ZhengPhD
Stilianos LoucaPhDMichael Doebeli