The IAM fosters a dynamic environment for graduate training in mathematically orientated research across many diverse fields. Multidisciplinary work is becoming increasingly important in the modern world and many fields that were once devoid of mathematical rigour have lately reaped the rewards of innovative mathematical approaches. Students from departments such as chemistry, computer science, engineering and biology come together with mathematicians in the IAM to share ideas and learn about each other’s problems and solution methods. To support its graduate students, the IAM offers a workspace, computational resources and a lively research environment. Whether you are interested in Applied Mathematics itself, or are looking to approach a problem from a more mathematical perspective, the IAM is likely a good choice for you to continue your studies.

  • The IAM – in collaboration with the Faculty of Graduate StudiesDepartment of Mathematics and other UBC departments – supervises graduate Masters and Ph.D. programmes in the field of Applied Mathematics.
  • We offer our graduate students flexible programme arrangements, assistance in their interactions with supervisors, access to office and computational facilities, a variety of scientific and social events, and a sense of a small but exclusive community.
  • The IAM itself does not offer a standalone graduate programme or process graduate applications. Instead, our students register in a home department of their choice and graduate with a degree originating from that department. See this page for more information on how to apply. For help in the selection of a suitable research project or supervisor, please see the IAM research section.
  • Our specific programme requirements are outlined in the IAM Graduate Student Handbook and include, for example, a course breadth requirement for doctoral students. These requirements are followed by means of an agreement between the IAM and the student’s supervisor and home department, and we often allow some flexibility to accommodate any special needs that may arise in the course of the student’s programme.

If the material on the website does not answer your questions about the IAM graduate program and you would like more information, please contact the Director.