The Institute of Applied Mathematics has been providing desks and office space for short- and long-term visitors who collaborate with IAM faculty. Some of our visitors can be postdoctoral fellows. In contrast to a “guest”, who typically uses the IAM computational resources remotely, the visitor is assigned a desk and office in the IAM and can enjoy direct access to all our computing and office facilities. The current IAM visitors are listed below in the alphabetical order, whereas the past visitors are listed in reversed chronological order based on the date they left the IAM.

Current Visitors

Andreas ButtenschoenVisiting Postdoctoral Fellow with Leah Edelstein-KeshetJan 2018abut...@math.ubc.caESB 4176
Wenke WilhelmsVisiting Postdoctoral Fellow with Eldad HaberJan 2017wwil...@eoas.ubc.caESB 4013
Judith BoumanVisiting Fellow with Dan CoombsJan 2017bou...@math.ubc.caLSK 309
Mohar DeyVisiting Postdoctoral Fellow with James FengMarch 2016d...@math.ubc.caLSK 202
Mona RahmaniResearch Associate with Neil BalmforthJan 2016mrah...@math.ubc.caMATH 110
Mirmosadegh (Fariborz) JamaliVisiting Professor from Sharif UniversityJan 
Soontiens, NancyVisiting Postdoctoral Fellow with Susan AllenSept 
Barry, AnnaVisiting Postdoctoral Fellow with Rachel KuskeSept 
Lamoureux, MichaelVisiting Professor from University of CalgaryOct 
Mahaffy, Joe Visiting Professor with Daniel CoombsOct 
Alba, KamranVisiting Postdoctoral Fellow with Ian FrigaardSep 2013kamr...@yahoo.comRusty Hut 123D
Dontsov, EgorVisiting Postdoctoral Fellow with Anthony PeirceSep 2013dont...@math.ubc.caESB 4128
Graf, IsabellVisiting PhD student with Y.-X. Li, Universität Augsburg, GermanyNov 2011graf...@math.ubc.caLSK 309
Simpson, DavidIAM Postdoctoral Fellow with R. KuskeAug 2009dsim...@math.ubc.caLSK 311D

Past Visitors

NamePosition While VisitingVisiting PeriodIAM Room
Mauricio KischinhevskyVisiting Professor from Fluminense University with Uri Ascher2015-2016 
Nec, YanaIAM Postdoctoral Fellow with D. CoombsAug 2009 - Aug 2011LSK 311D
Iron, DavidAssociate Professor, Department of Mathematics, Dalhousie UniversityAug 2010LSK 311D
Walther, GeorgVisiting M.Sc. student with L. Keshet, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich, SwitzerlandOct 2009 - Jul 2010LSK  309
Myers, TimProfessor, Centre de Recerca Matematica, BarcelonaOct 2009LSK 311D
Yokoyama, AtsushiPh.D. Student with L. Keshet and Y. X. Li, Department of Information Engineering, Ritsumeikan University, JapanSep 2008 - Aug 2009LSK  309
Li, Devin (Yongnan)Undergraduate Summer Research Assistant with E. Cytrynbaum, UBC Department of MathematicsJun-Aug 2009LSK  309
Minion, MichaelProfessor with M. Ward, Mathematics Department and Carolina Center for Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics, University of North CarolinaJul-Aug 2009LSK 311C
Mautner, MaxUndergraduate Summer Research Assistant with E. Cytrynbaum, Claremont McKenna College, Claremont, CaliforniaJun-Jul 2009LSK  309
Engie, LianaUndergraduate Summer Research Assistant with E. Cytrynbaum, Pitzer College, Claremont, CaliforniaJun-Jul 2009LSK  309
Pernarowski, MarkProfessor with M. Ward, Department of Mathematics, Montana State UniversitySep 2008LSK 311C
Rochinha, Fernando AlvesProfessor, Federal University of Rio de JaneiroAug 2007 - Aug 2008LSK 311C
Gibelli, LivioIAM Postdoctoral Fellow with B. ShizgalDec 2004 - Aug 2007LSK 311C
Palsson, EirikurProfessor, Department of Biological Sciences, SFUJan-Aug 2007LSK 311C
Wei, JunchengProfessor, Chinese University of Hong KongJul-Aug 2007LSK 311C
Kolokolnikov, TheodoreAssistant Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova ScotiaJuly 2007LSK 311C
Graw, FrederikStudent with L. Keshet, Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg, GermanyOct-Dec 2006LSK  306
Mitchell, SarahIAM Postdoctoral Fellow with U. Ascher and R. Kuske2003-2006LSK 311E
Mahaffy, JosephProfessor, San Diego State UniversityJan-Apr 2006LSK 311C
Sun, WentaoIAM Postdoctoral Fellow with M. Ward2004-Nov 2005LSK 311C
Jung, Jae-HunIAM Postdoctoral Fellow with B. Shizgal2003-2005LSK 311D
Myers, TimProfessor, University of Cape Town, South AfricaJun 2004 - Jan 2005LSK 311C
Green, EdwardPh.D. Student with L. Keshet, University of Nottingham, UK LSK  306
Gutenkunst, RyanPh.D. Student with L. Keshet, Cornell University LSK  306
Hunt, GilesProfessor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Bath, UK LSK 311C
Wei, JunchengProfessor, Chinese University of Hong KongJul-Aug 2003LSK 311C
Marée, StanIAM Postdoctoral Fellow with L. KeshetAug 2001 - Jul 2003LSK 311E
Łabęcki, MarekIAM Postdoctoral Fellow with L. KeshetAug 2001 - Mar 2003LSK 311E
Farjoun, YossiPh.D. Student with M. Ward, University of California at Berkeley LSK 311C
Geffen, NimaProfessor, Department of Applied Mathematics, Tel-Aviv University LSK 311C
Kouzniak, NataliaResearch Associate with Brian Wetton1999-Oct 2002LSK 311D
Percus, Ora and JeromeProfessors, Courant Institute, New York University LSK 311C
Shin, Dong KwanProfessor with L. Keshet, Konkuk University, South Korea LSK  306
Shin, In SunProfessor with L. Keshet, Korea National University of Education, South Korea LSK  306
Skov, AndersVisitor, DenmarkJan-Jun 2002LSK 311E