NameDepartmentResearch Interests
Fred BrauerMathematicsModelling of disease dynamics, epidemiology, and population biology; models for sexually transmitted diseases which incorporate behavioural effects
Colin ClarkMathematicsBehavioral ecology and economics of natural resources
Ricardo O. FoschiCivil EngineeringStructural reliability and probabilistic methods in engineering; applied mechanics and computer applications; earthquake engineering; structural modeling of wood structures
Priscilla GreenwoodMathematicsApplied probability, neuronal modelling, epidemiology, genomics, 1/f noise
John HeywoodMathematicsNavier-Stokes equations: theory and numerical analysis
George "Bud" HomsyMathematicsInterfacial flows, polymer and viscoelastic fluid mechanics, porous media flows, microgravity fluid mechanics

William Hsieh

Earth and Ocean SciencesModelling, analysis and prediction of climate variability; application of machine learning methods to environmental sciences
Donald LudwigMathematics / ZoologyManagement and conservation of natural resources
Robert MiuraMathematics / PharmacologyElectrical activity in excitable cells, nonlinear dynamics of cell models
Martha SalcudeanMechanical EngineeringFluid flow and heat transfer; computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer; two-phase flow and heat transfer; mathematical modelling of transport phenomena
Bernie D. ShizgalChemistryKinetic theory of gases with application to chemically reactive systems; hot atom reactions; electron transport; interpretation of swarm experiments; stochastic processes; atmospheric and space science; computational fluid dynamics
Jim VarahComputer ScienceNumerical analysis and computation, particularly computational linear algebra and graphical data fitting
John WalshMathematicsProbability theory; stochastic partial differential equations; financial mathematics; numerical analysis