Welcome to Professor Maryam Kamgarpour

We welcome Professor Maryam Kamgarpour as a new IAM faculty affiliate.

Maryam completed her doctoral studies at the University of California, Berkeley, and her undergraduate studies at the University of Waterloo.  Maryam calls Vancouver home: “I am happy to return to my high school city of Vancouver and join UBC.”

Maryam’s theoretical research is inspired by problems arising in engineering applications, and has recently studied problems in safe optimization and learning, learning equilibria in games and bandit problems, mechanism design and safe stochastic control.  She recently joined the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering as Assistant Professor.

Below are some of Maryam’s recent publications. Read Maryam’s website to learn more about her wide-ranging work.

  • Safe optimization and learning: I. Usmanova, A. Krause and M. Kamgarpour, Safe convex learning under uncertain constraints, Proceedings of the AISTATS 2019, PMLR: Volume 89
  • Learning Nash equilibria under bandit feedback information: T. Tatarenko and M. Kamgarpour, Learning Generalized Nash Equilibria in a Class of Convex Games, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 64(4):1426-1439, 2019
  • Coalitional games with applications to mechanism design: O. Karaca, P. G. Sessa, N. Walton and M. Kamgarpour, Designing Coalition-Proof Mechanisms for Auctions over Continuous Goods, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 64(11):4803-4810, 2019
  • Robust stochastic control: P. G. Sessa, D. Frick, T. A. Wood and M. Kamgarpour, From Uncertainty Data to Robust Policies for Temporal Logic Planning, Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control, ACM Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pp.157-166, 2018