Welcome to New IAM Faculty Affiliates!

We are pleased to welcome seven new faculty affiliates to the Institute. We look forward to enjoying their and their students’ contributions to our intellectual community.

Ian Blake, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Cryptography, computational number theory, cyptographic protocols, algebraic coding theory, low density parity check codes

Khanh Dao Duc, Mathematics

Mathematical biology, gene expression

Lutz Lampe, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Communication and information theory, smart grid, grid diagnostics, Ultra-wideband (UWB), wireless sensor networks, localization and tracking, RFID, cognitive radio, power line communications, compressed sensing, machine learning

Elina Robeva, Mathematics

Mathematical statistics, machine learning, combinatorics, multilinear algebra, and applied algebraic geometry

Geoff Schiebinger, Mathematics

Stochastic processes in developmental biology and cellular reprogramming

Simcha Srebnik, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Statistical thermodynamics of polymers and biopolymers, mechanical properties of polymers melts and polymer networks, protein folding and stability, functional materials, hierarchical modeling

Lele Wang, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Information theory, coding theory, communication theory, mathematical data science