IAM Faculty Member Khanh Dao Duc Awarded Wall Fellowship

IAM faculty member Khanh Dao Duc has been named one of the Wall Scholars for 2021-22 at the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies. Congratulations, Khanh!

Khanh’s work integrates mathematical and computational approaches to study the fundamental determinants of biological processes. His research has most recently focused on exploring the role played by ribosomes in protein translation and gene expression, by developing new methods to analyze sequencing and electron microscopy image data in collaboration with biologists, biochemists and biophysicists.

The Wall Scholars program offers scholars from all disciplines and career stages a year-long residence at the Institute to engage in collaborative, interdisciplinary research that challenges and expands their ways of thinking. As a Wall Scholar, Khanh will investigate the role played by ribosomes in gene expression across different scales, to unravel optimizing principles in cellular systems. Read more here.