Fifteenth Annual IAM Retreat 2019

The IAM invites all its members to a fun and relaxing day at the annual retreat. Students and postdocs, showcase your research topic in 5-minute lightning talks to a friendly and supportive audience.

Even if you have just started your research, take the opportunity to introduce your research aspirations. Professors, check out the diversity of research in the applied and computational mathematics communities at UBC, and discover collaboration opportunities. Enjoy delicious food and a walk among the blooming flowers, vibrant trees, and tranquil ponds of the beautiful Van Dusen Botanical Gardens.

Time: Friday, April 5, 2019, 8:45 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Location: Van Dusen Botanical Garden, 5151 Oak St. Vancouver BC

Audience: All IAM members (faculty, postdocs, students)

Speakers: IAM graduate students and postdocs


IAM Retreat 2019 Programme

9:15-9:30Remarks by the director and the student committee
9:30-10:40Talks session I
10:55-11:58Talks session II
1:00-2:05Garden walk
2:05-3:15Talks session III
3:30-4:40Talks session IV

IAM Retreat 2019 Speaker Schedule

Aaron BerkImage and Data ProcessingCharacterizing stability of Lasso programs
Alex Shiu Lun ChuScientific ComputingNon-constant diffusion rate for Gray-Scott Reaction-Diffusion model
Amin ArefiMathematical BiologyNumerical simulation of cancer cells extravasation
Andreas ButtenschoenMathematical BiologyFrom biology to physics: How much can mesenchymal cell migration be attribute to pure physics
Anyi Casie BaoOptimisation and ControlModified Spectral Projected Gradient for L1 minimization
Mingfeng QiuFluid MechanicsDynamics of Liquid Crystal Flows
Brian IrwinScientific ComputingNeural Networks and PDEs
Harman KhunguraSolid MechanicsOptimal Stiffness Grading in Bio-Inspired Reversible Adhesion
Can SelcukFluid MechanicsFictitious domain method on Octrees
Charu DattFluid MechanicsAn active particle in a complex fluid
Chen WangFluid MechanicsNonlinear dynamics of forced baroclinic critical layers
Clinton DurneyMathematical BiologyModelling of Epithelial Tissues
Damien HuetFluid MechanicsCoupled DEM and cut cell methods for simulations of particle-laden flows
Farid BenvidiSolid MechanicsStiffness Grading in Fracture Mechanics of Adhesion
Susanne BradleyScientific ComputingPreconditioners for Double Saddle Point Systems
Huang FangOptimisation and ControlGreed Meets Sparsity: Understanding and Improving Greedy Coordinate Descent for Sparsity Inducing Problems
Johanna HemauerFluid MechanicsCapillary interaction of particles straddling an interface
Katie FaulknerMathematical BiologyModeling lactation and changes in milk production with infant feeding regimes
Kelsey EverardFluid MechanicsThermally Driven Slope Flows
Lex LeeFluid MechanicsHydrogel Two Phase Flows
Liran LiScientific ComputingCollaborative Resistance on Large Social Network
Lucas PhilippMathematical BiologyA Pseudospectral solution of a bistable Fokker-Planck equation that models protein folding
Mehadi HasanMathematical BiologyMolecular Motor Activities and Gel contraction
Aram BahriniMathematical BiologyPair-Approximation for Three Types
Mohar DeyFluid MechanicsTear Film : Stability and Flow Behavior
Parisa SarmadiFluid Mechanics3D simulations of triple layer viscoplastically lubricated crude oil flow
Rachel HanScientific ComputingOn Lithium-Ion Battery Model
Raksha MahalinkamFluid MechanicsReduced-order model for inertial locomotion of a slender swimmer
Rodrigo MitishitaFluid MechanicsTurbulent drag reduction flow loop: overview & preliminary experiments
Sarafa IyaniwuraMathematical BiologyQuorum Sensing and Synchronous Oscillations Triggered by Dynamically Active Signaling Compartments Coupled by Bulk Diffusion in 2-D
Seyed Arman AbtahiFluid MechanicsA prolate spheroid in shear flow of shear-thinning fluid
Stefano FregoneseSolid MechanicsCutting of Soft Solids
Frédéric Paquin-LefebvreNonlinear Dynamics and Applied PDEsSynchronization of chaotic Lorenz oscillators
Timm TreskatisScientific ComputingThe Viscoplastic Navier-Stokes Equations: Mimetic Discretisation and Fast Defect Correction
Tony WongNonlinear Dynamics and Applied PDEsSpot spinning in reaction-diffusion systems
Will CarlquistMathematical BiologyUnraveling the Reaction Mechanism of the Min System
Yifan SunOptimisation and ControlGeneralized atomic support identification
Yue LiuMathematical BiologyAnalysis of reaction-diffusion model for cell motility