The 2013 CAIMS Research Prize

IAM Director, Prof. Neil Balmforth has been awarded the 2013 CAIMS Research Prize.  From the citation:

“CAIMS is pleased to announce that the 2013 CAIMS*SCMAI Research prize has been awarded to Prof. Neil Balmforth, University of British Columbia.  Prof. Balmforth’s research has focused on the modeling and analysis of problems in classical fluid mechanics, complex geophysical flows, and viscoplastic flows. His work combines asymptotic analysis, dynamical systems theory, and stability theory together with a keen physical insight into modeling issues associated with complex fluids. Notable contributions include the modeling and analysis of Non-Newtonian lava flows, the study of solitary waves in thin film models, the analysis of the spectrum associated with shear-flows, vortices, and critical layers, and shallow water flows. His work is theoretical, yet is influenced strongly by laboratory experiments in fluids.”