With 21 faculty members conducting research in Theroetical Physics, our department offers a tremendous variety of research opportunities that span the gamut from Theoretical Astrophysics and Cosmology, Gravity and Relativity, String Theory, High Energy Physics, and Condensed Matter Theory, to Quantum Information and Biophysics. Research techniques include exact methods, field theoretic and perturbative approaches as well as numerical methods and computer simulations that make extensive use of Canada’s High Performance Computing networks. The “Theory Centre” offers an ideal venue for group meetings and frequent interaction between faculty, students and postdoctoral fellows.

The Condensed Matter Theory group is pursuing research at the forefront of many of the most exciting current developments: high-temperature superconductivity, quantum dots, polaron physics, spintronics, topological insulators, transition metal oxides, large scale quantum phenomena, quantum magnetism, superfluidity and cold atomic gases, geometrical phases of strongly correlated particles, quantum information, nonequilibrium statistical physics of disordered solids, and protein folding.

The Pacific Institute of Theoretical Physics is an international research institute located in the department. It facilitates interactions between theorists all over the world and operates a visitor center for scientific exchanges.