Name Department Email Research Topics
Susan Allen Earth and Ocean Sciences sal… Modelling the underlying fluid dynamical structures in the ocean using idealized numerical models, laboratory experiments, and mathematical analysis
Richard Anstee Mathematics ans… Discrete mathematics; extremal set theory; graph theory; matching theory
Uri Ascher Computer Science asc… Scientific computation, particularly involving differential equations with constraints; data inversion in geophysics, 3D electromagnetic simulations; modeling and simulation for physical systems in virtual environments [selected publications]
Phil Austin Earth and Ocean Sciences paus… Cloud physics; understanding the processes that determine the radiative properties of layer clouds; formation, lifetime and dissipation of stratus and cirrus clouds; influence of clouds on the global climate
Mattia Bacca Mechanical Engineering mba… Microstructural evolution under severe plastic deformation, dry adhesion, cell mechanics, homogenization, multi-scale mechanics, acoustic metamaterials.
Susan Baldwin Chemical and Biological Engineering sbal… Bioprocess engineering and modelling of physiological processes
Neil Balmforth Mathematics / Earth and Ocean Sciences n… Geophysical and astrophysical fluid mechanics
Martin Barlow Mathematics bar… Probability theory, fractal sets; cluster growth models, in particular diffusion limited aggregation (DLA)
Roger Beckie Earth and Ocean Sciences rbec… The role of scale in site characterization and modeling of groundwater systems
George Bluman Mathematics blu… Similarity and perturbation methods, Stefan problems
Robert Bridson Computer Science rbri… Computer graphics and animation, geometric modeling and implicit surfaces, scientific computing, numerical PDEs, sparse matrix methods, mesh generation
David Brydges Mathematics d… Statistical mechanics, quantum field theory, functional integration, probability
W. Kendal Bushe Mechanical Engineering w… Combustion, turbulence, numerical simulation, computational fluid dynamics, IC engines, thermal power generation
Matt Choptuik Physics and Astronomy chop… Numerical relativity
James Colliander Mathematics coll… partial differential equations using tools from harmonic analysis and dynamical systems
Anne Condon Computer Science con… Computational complexity theory and biomolecular computing, biomolecular computation
Daniel Coombs Mathematics coo… Mathematical biology: cell signaling
Elizabeth Croft Mechanical Engineering ecr… Robotics; high level planning and control; sensor integration and artificial intelligence applications to robotics, machine vision, industrial automation, and computer-integrated manufacturing
Eric Cytrynbaum Mathematics cyt… Mathematical biology: cell biology, cardiac electrophysiology
Michael Doebeli Mathematics / Zoology doeb… Theoretical ecology and evolution; integration of ecological and population genetic modeling approaches; ecology and evolution of spatially structured populations
Roger Donaldson Mathematics rdon… Industrial Mathematics
Ivar Ekeland Mathematics /
ekel… Mathematical finance: demand theory, contract theory, hedonic models
Gwynn Elfring Mechanical Engineering gelf… Theoretical Fluid Mechanics, Complex Fluids, Cell Biomechanics, Capillary Phenomena, Applied Mathematics
Jimmy Feng Chemical and Biological Engineering /
jfe… Fluid dynamics and rheology of complex fluids
Michael P. Friedlander Computer Science m… Numerical optimization, numerical linear algebra, design and implementation of algorithms for constrained optimization, scientific computing
Joel Friedman Mathematics j… Laplacians, eigenvalues, and expansion, primarily on graphs; explicit construction questions, primarily from theoretical computer science
Ian Frigaard Mathematics /
Mechanical Engineering
frig… Non-Newtonian fluid mechanics, visco-plastic fluids, non-Darcy flows with limiting pressure gradients, mathematical modelling of metal sprayforming
Richard Froese Mathematics rfro… Mathematical physics, spectral and scattering theory of Schrödinger operators and Laplacians resonances
Nassif Ghoussoub Mathematics nas… Nonlinear analysis and partial differential equations
Bhushan Gopaluni Chemical and Biological Engineering gopa… Process modelling and control with applications to oil and gas industry, biomedical engineering, and pulp and paper industry
Sheldon Green Mechanical Engineering gre… Fluid dynamics: twin wire blade forming, pulp fibre separation, cavitation, marine propellers, wing tip vortices; biomechanics: blood vessel dynamics, glaucoma
Chen Greif Computer Science gre… Scientific computing, numerical linear algebra
Eldad Haber Earth and Ocean Sciences /
hab… Scientific computing in geophysical and medical imaging
Nick Harvey Computer Science nick… Combinatorial optimization, discrete algorithms and randomized algorithms
Christoph Hauert Mathematics hau… Evolutionary game theory in structured populations
Nancy E. Heckman Statistics nan… Functional data analysis, applications in evolutionary biology, nonparametric regression, shapes of regression function
Wolfgang Heidrich Computer Science heid… Interactive computer graphics, shading and lighting
Felix Herrmann Earth and Ocean Sciences fher… Theoretical aspects of exploration and global reflection seismology
Holger Hoos Computer Science h… Empirical algorithmics, stochastic search, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, combinatorial auctions, computer music
Mark Jellinek Earth and Ocean Sciences mjel… Application of experimental and theoretical fluid dynamics and field and laboratory observations to the understanding of the formation and thermal evolution and differentiation of planets
Harry Joe Statistics har… Multivariate models and dependence, extreme value inference, statistical computing, random utility models
Leah Keshet Mathematics kes… Mathematical biology: dynamics of actin filaments in the cytoskeleton, swarming behaviour, type 1 diabetes
David Kirkpatrick Computer Science k… Computational complexity, combinatorial algorithms, computational geometry, parallel and distributed computation
Vikram Krishnamurthy Electrical and Computer Engineering vikr… Statistical signal processing, hidden Markov models, stochastic optimization, re-inforcement learning, time-series analysis, applications in defense and telecommunications
Rachel Kuske Mathematics rac… Chaotic dynamical systems, modulated two-dimensional patterns in reaction-diffusion systems
Greg Lawrence Civil Engineering lawr… Environmental fluid mechanics, hydraulics, hydrodynamic stability and mixing, physical limnology, water quality management
Dong Li Mathematics d… Analysis of nonlinear partial differential equations, especially on the fundamental
wellposedness/illposedness issues, and long time asymptotic behavior of solutions
Yue-Xian Li Mathematics y… Calcium signalling in neuroendocrine cells, fertilization calcium waves in oocytes, synchrony in neuroendocrine cells and rhythmogenesis in hormonal signals
Philip Loewen Mathematics l… Calculus of variations, optimal control theory, nonsmooth analysis, mathematical programming
C. Kevin Lyons Forest Resources Management kevl… Continuum mechanics, logging mechanics, operations research
Brian Marcus Mathematics mar… Coding and information theory, symbolic dynamics, ergodic theory and dynamical systems
Colin Macdonald Mathematics c… The Closest Point Method, Time-stepping for PDEs, WENO spatial discretizations, the Predicted Sequential Regularization Method
Mark Martinez Chemical and Biological Engineering mart… Hydrodynamics and heat transfer in paper machines
Ian Mitchell Computer Science mitc… PDE methods for control, level set methods, hybrid and embedded systems, verification, mathematical software
Wayne Nagata Mathematics nag… Dynamical systems, especially bifurcation theory and applications
Michael Novak Faculty of Land and Food Systems n… The energy and mass-flow interactions between the soil and the lower atmosphere, and the ways that these are affected by surface modifications such as covering the soil with a mulch
Doug Oldenburg Earth and Ocean Sciences d… Development of rigorous and approximate methods to invert geophysical data and to apply those techniques to solve practical problems
Carl Ollivier-Gooch Mechanical Engineering c… Creating a general framework for solving PDEs on unstructured meshes, and unstructured mesh generation; application areas of particular interest include computational fluid dynamics, external aerodynamics, and aerodynamic/hydrodynamic optimization
Sally Otto Zoology o… Population genetics and evolutionary biology
Dinesh Pai Computer Science p… Robotics, graphics, modeling, and simulation; Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems (IRIS)
Marc Parlange Civil Engineering Marc… Water Resources; Atmospheric Boundary Layer; Wind engineering; Evaporation; Turbulence; Large Eddy Simulation; Soil and snow physics; Environmental wireless sensor networks; Watershed and eco-hydrology; Lidar.
Mauricio Ponga Mechanical Engineering mpo… Multiscale modeling of materials; temporal and spatial coarse grained molecular dynamics; coarse grained density functional theory; large scale computer simulations.
Anthony Peirce Mathematics pei… Asymptotic and numerical methods, modeling fracture processes in rocks, reactive flows in porous media, control of quantum molecular systems
Ed Perkins Mathematics perk… Random processes which model the distribution of a population undergoing random migration and reproduction; Brownian motions and random walks on “fractals” and discrete graphs
A. Srikantha Phani Mechanical Engineering srik… Dynamics of Multiscale Materials, Structures and Devices; Applied Mechanics; Micromechanics; MEMS and Biomedical Applications of Lattice Devices
Yaniv Plan Mathematics yan… Applied probability, high-dimensional inference, geometric functional analysis, random matrix theory, compressive sensing, matrix completion, and big data analysis
Steven Plotkin Physics and Astronomy ste… Dynamics and disorder in the theory of protein folding and function, genetic and phylogenetic networks, pattern formation and symmetry breaking in morphogenesis
Babak Pourbohloul UBC Centre for Disease Control / Health Care and Epidemiology Baba… Modeling the transmission dynamics of infectious diseases, impact of different control strategies on disease dynamics, designing optimal public health policy
Marty Puterman Sauder School of Business mar… Markov decision processes, statistical models for discrete data, applied statistics and forecasting
Andrew Rechnitzer Mathematics andr… Random knotting; the combinatorics of lattice animals, polyominoes and self-avoiding walks; exact solutions, series expansions and simulations of such objects; the relationships between these objects and chemical and physical models; kettle arithmetic.
Nimal Rajapakse Mechanical Engineering raja… Theoretical and computational modelling of fracture and domain switching of ferroelectrics for applications in adaptive structures; computational modeling of superelastic behaviour and fatigue of shape memory alloys; SMA reinforced composites; computer-aided analysis of guyed towers and latticed towers
Rosemary Redfield Zoology redf… Study of molecular signals that induce DNA uptake, examination of earliest precursors of real meiotic sex in eukaryotes, mathematical analysis and computer-simulation modelling
Valentina Radic  Earth and Ocean Sciences vra… Global climate change: climate change impact studies, the contribution of glaciers to sea level rise, estimates of present and future glacier mass changes on regional and global scale, downscaling of global and regional climate models, and the evaluation of climate model performance.
Tim Salcudean Electrical and Computer Engineering t… Robotics and teleoperation; design, modelling and control of electro-mechanical devices; optimization-based CAD of control systems
Gary Schajer Mechanical Engineering scha… Appropriate use of renewable resources, advanced processes for grading lumber, dynamics and stability of circular and band saws, computational methods for residual stress analysis
Mark Schmidt Computer Science schm…
Dominik Schötzau Mathematics scho… Numerical methods for partial differential equations, finite element methods, discontinuous Galerkin methods
Christian Schoof Earth and Ocean Sciences csch… Non-Newtonian fluid dynamics in geophysics, ice sheet dynamics
Gordon Semenoff Physics and Astronomy gord… Superstring theory, quantum field theory, statistical mechanics, elementary particle physics; gauge field theories, large N limits, effective string theories of confinement; conformal field theory, renormalization theory and the conformal bootstrap; chiral symmetry breaking by strongly coupled gauge theories
Brian Seymour Mathematics seym… Linear and nonlinear wave propagation, fluid mechanics, elasticity, acoustics, meteorology
Alla Sheffer Computer Science she… Digital geometry processing, parameterization of mesh surfaces
Gordon Slade Mathematics sla… Probability theory and statistical mechanics
Douw Steyn Earth and Ocean Sciences dst… Observational studies and mathematical modelling of micro- and mesoscale flow and turbulence phenomena in the atmospheric boundary layer; atmospheric pollution
Jozsef Solymosi Mathematics soly… Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Discrete Geometry, and Combinatorial Number Theory
Nicholas Swindale Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences swin… Pattern formation and visual cortex models
Mark Thachuk Chemistry thac… Dynamics of chemical reactions/processes using mathematical and computational techniques [selected publications]
Reza Vaziri Civil Engineering reza… Mechanics of composite materials, impact dynamics, nonlinear finite element analysis, constitutive modelling of materials, plasticity, damage mechanics, numerical studies in impact and processing of fibre-reinforced composite structures
Anthony Wachs Mathematics; Chemical and Biological Engineering wac… Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, Multiphase Flows and High Performance Computing
Patrick Walls Mathematics pwa… TBA
Alexander Wang Chemistry yaw… Quantum chemistry, ab initio methods, density-functional theory, computational chemistry, computational chemical biology
Michael Ward Mathematics w… Applied analysis, singular perturbations, mathematical modeling and scientific computation [selected publications]
Jun-Cheng Wei Mathematics jcw… Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations, Semilinear Elliptic Equations, Applied Analysis, Mathematical Biology, Singular Perturbation Problems, Phase Transition
Brian Wetton Mathematics wet… Numerical analysis of finite difference methods with applications to computational fluid dynamics, particularly to incompressible flow, and to interface problems
Michael Whitlock Zoology whit… Evolution in structured populations: What are the forces that control the nature and distribution of genotypes in subdivided populations? How does this affect the outcome of other evolutionary processes? These and other questions are addressed in a variety of ways, from theoretical analyses to experimental lab model systems to field research
Stephanie van Willigenburg Mathematics ste… Coxeter group, representation theory, graded operation on posets, quasisymmetric function, Schur function, Schur P function, Macdonald polynomial
Matthew J. Yedlin Electrical and Computer Engineering mat… Acoustic wave propagation; applied digital signal processing
Özgür Yilmaz Mathematics oyil… Applied harmonic analysis, wavelets, signal processing, information theory
Bruno D. Zumbo Statistics / Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Special Education brun… Statistical theory and quantitative methods for conducting research, testing, and evaluation