Thirteenth Annual IAM Retreat 2017

Annual Retreat
April 7, 2017 2:00 pm

Speaker:  IAM Graduate Students

Location:  Mount Seymour

Intended Audience:  IAM members

All IAM members are encouraged to come. We also extend the invitation to any visitors with appropriate interests and any students of IAM members even if they are not yet IAM members themselves.

The spring is around the corner.  That means it is time for the annual Institute of Applied Mathematics spring retreat.  The retreat will be held on Friday, April 7th and will be held at beautiful Mount Seymour.  Transportation will be provided with two convenient pick-up and drop-off locations:  the Museum of Anthropology at 7 AM and Commercial Drive sky train station at 7:30 AM.   A return bus is provided with drop-off locations being the same and approximate drop-off time at Museum of Anthropology being 6 PM.  In addition to the wonderful mathematical presentations and discussions, it is customary for attendees to go on a hike.  This year the hike will be a snowshoeing tour (gear will be provided, but dress appropriately) and will feature two options – a more athletic and less athletic option.

Continually, all IAM students are encouraged to give a brief 5 or 10 minute talk on their research.  This gives everyone a chance to present their work and showcase the many fields represented within the IAM.  First year students are especially encouraged to give a talk even if research formally has not begun.

Retreat Schedule
Time Presenter Field Talk Title / Notes
7:00 Pick up at the Museum of Anthropology
7:30 Pick up at the Commercial Drive sky train station
8:45 Coffee, tea & snacks
9:00 Tony Wong Scientific Computing Surface Computing using the Closest Point Method
Catherine Byrne Mathematical Biology Modeling of Epstein Barr Virus Infections
Judith Bouman Mathematical Biology Stochasitical modeling of Influenza
Felix Funk Mathematical Biology Cooperation under the influence of chemotaxis
David Kong Scientific Computing Mathematical Modelling of the State of Health in Li-ion Battery Management Systems
Aaron Berk Image and Data Processing When the Lasso breaks
Mingfeng Qiu Fluid Mechanics Magnetophoretic Interaction of Ferrofluid Droplets in a Rotating Magnetic Field
Chen Wang Fluid Mechanics Instability associated baroclinic critical layers
15 minutes coffee break
Clinton Durney Mathematical Biology A Mechano-Chemical Model of Drosophila Dorsal Closure
Alastair JL Mathematical Biology Nucleation rates and chemical kinetics in 2d
Mekdes Ayalew Tessema Glaciology Modelling surface glacier melt with the use of dynamically downscaled climate fields over glaciers in Western Canada
Laurent Charette Nonlinear Dynamics and Applied PDEs Pattern Formation on a Time Dependent Spherical Cap
Daniel Gomez Nonlinear Dynamics and Applied PDEs Spike Patterns in Bulk-Membrane Coupled Systems
Frederic Paquin-Lefebvre Nonlinear Dynamics and Applied PDEs Interactions of bulk diffusion with localized reactions
Babak Nasouri Fluid Mechanics An elastic two-sphere swimmer in Stokes flow
Charu Datt Fluid Mechanics An active particle in a complex fluid
15 minutes coffee break
Cole Zmurchok Mathematical Biology Modelling the interplay between cell mechanics and cell signalling
Joshua Scurll Mathematical Biology Clustering single-cell biological data
Rebeca Cardim Falcao Mathematical Biology TBA
Ye Liu Fluid Mechanics Viscoplastic slump in axisymmetic geometry
Navid Ghadermarzy Image and Data Processing Near-optimal sample complexity for convex tensor completion
Oscar Lopez Image and Data Processing Off-the-Grid Signal Reconstruction
Mohar Dey Fluid Mechanics Tear Film Rupture: Role of Viscosity Stratification
Mike Irvine Mathematical Biology Modelling the impact of public health intervention on infectious diseases
Claire Guerrier Mathematical Biology Modeling calcium dendritic activity in Xenopus tapole neurons
Libin Abraham Immunology Altered Receptor Organization and Mobility in Primed B-cells
13:00 Lunch
Outdoor walk – A snowshoeing tour
17:00 Bus departure for Commercial Dr. and UBC


Our group at the Corrigan Nature House

Our group hiking



Our group at the Corrigan Nature House

Our group at the Enquist Lodge



Our group at the Corrigan Nature House

Our group at the Enquist Lodge


Presenters and Audience

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