Sixth Annual IAM Retreat 2010

Annual Retreat
April 16, 2010 4:00 pm

Speaker:  Sixteen Speakers

Location:  Inverholme Schoolhouse, Deas Island Regional Park

Intended Audience:  Public

The Sixth Annual IAM Seminar Retreat was organised by Prof. Dan Coombs (IAM Faculty, Mathematics), Prof. Neil Balmforth (IAM Director, Earth and Ocean Sciences and Mathematics) and Dr. Marek Labecki (IAM Research/IT Manager), and took place on Friday, April 16th, 2010. This time, our venue was Inverholme Schoolhouse, a heritage building located in Deas Island Regional Park. The retreat was one of our best ever, with the total of 41 participants and 16 high quality talks covering various areas of applied mathematics. During our lunch break, we took a long walk to the westernmost tip of the island, meeting almost eye-to-eye with a bald eagle resting nearby. The weather was excellent, providing us with great views of the river and the mountains. Feel free to browse through our Retreat Pictures and get the feel of this wonderful event.

Retreat Schedule
Time Presenter Talk Title
9:45-11:00 SESSION ONE
9:45 Will Thompson Analysis of Synchronization of Conditional Oscillators Due to a Weak Common Noise Source
10:00 Andy Wan Finding Conservation Laws for PDEs
10:15 David Simpson Mixed Mode Oscillations in a Stochastic, Piecewise-Linear System
10:30 Georg Walther Stochastic Simulations of Cell Polarization with Respect to Rho GTPases
10:45 Kerstin Wielage PELICANS – An Implementation Tool for Solvers of PDEs
11:30-12:30 SESSION TWO
11:30 Yana Nec Front Propagation Problems with Subdiffusion
11:45 Nessy Tania A Mathematical Model of Cell Motility Regulation by the Cofilin Pathway
12:00 Ben Vanderlei A Mechanical Model of Cell Polarization and Shape Regulation
12:15 Jennifer Morrison Deciphering Multi-State Mobility in Single Particle Trajectories with Hidden Markov Models
12:30-15:00 LUNCH AND WALK
15:00-16:00 SESSION THREE
15:00 Michael Lindstrom Modeling Magnetic Field Profiles Asymptotically Within Type I Superconductors in the London Limit
15:15 Peter Bell Are the European Carbon Markets Efficient?
15:30 Jun Allard Extended Body Mechanics Coupled with Biochemistry in Cells
15:45 Alan Lindsay An Eigenvalue Optimization Problem in Mathematical Ecology
16:00-16:15 BREAK
16:15-17:00 SESSION FOUR
16:15 Ian Hewitt Subglacial Meltwater Channels
16:30 Peng Gao Propulsion of Water Walkers: A Fluid Dynamic Study
16:45 Eric DeGiuli Statistical Mechanics for Granular Media
17:00-17:30 CLEANUP


Our Group by the shore of Fraser River

Our Group by the shore of Fraser River


Presenters and Audience

Island Walk

A Break Outside