Signal Randomization for Spectrum Shaping

Miguel Lopez, Ericsson Probability Seminar
March 8, 2019 3:00 pm MATH 126

Wi-Fi, the most commonly used radio technology, is based on the ever evolving IEEE 802.11 standard. One of the ongoing endeavours of the IEEE 802.11 organization is the standardization of so-called wake-up radios. In this talk I will describe a problem that arose during the standardization of wake-up radio technology. The problem is related to the spectral characteristics of the wake-up signals, and I will explain how it can be solved by means of randomization techniques. No previous knowledge of wireless communications is assumed, and all the necessary background will be explained. Although the talk is essentially about applied Fourier analysis, it touches upon softer subjects that are highly relevant in today’s economy, namely innovation, inventiveness and standardization.