Potluck/BBQ 2006

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September 13, 2006 4:00 pm

Location:  Spanish Banks beach

Intended Audience:  Public

This year’s IAM Potluck/BBQ, organised by Prof. Michael Ward, Prof. Neil Balmforth, and Prof. Rachel Kuske, was held at the Spanish Banks beach on Wednesday, September 13th, following the IAM Distinguished Colloquium lecture by Prof. William Kath. Almost 40 of IAM faculty, students, postdocs, and guests have come to the event, including two of our recent Distinguished Colloquium speakers, Prof. Alex Mogilner from University of California at Davis and Prof. William Kath from Northwestern University. The participants brought a variety of exotic dishes, reflecting not only the interdisciplinary but also multicultural profile of the IAM. We were lucky to have a good weather, as a rainy period started just the day after.


Our group and a view west



Our group and a view north to English Bay and West Vancouver


Our group and a view northeast to North Vancouver and Stanley Park


Karin, Matt Yedlin, Lionel Harrison, and others at the table


Neil Balmforth, Lionel Harrison, Özgür Yilmaz, Constanza Piccolo, and Rachel Kuske


Karin and Neil Balmforth attending to the BBQ


Ignacio Rozada, Kristi, and Patrick Fletcher helping themselves to the food


Michael Ward, George Bluman, and Bill Kath


Alex Mogilner and Eric Cytrynbaum


Michael Ward and Nolan


Eating and chatting – our group and the waters of English Bay in the background


Shortly before the sunset