Modern Software Tooling for Data Science

BC Data Science Colloquium
March 27, 2018 1:30 am

Speaker:  Michael Reid, Amazon

Location:  KPMG Vancouver 777 Dunsmuir St, 11th floor, Vancouver

Intended Audience:  Public

As machine learning becomes more critical to businesses’ core offerings, data scientists must adapt their tools and techniques to meet business demands. Industry data scientists can no longer run ad hoc Tensorflow or Spark jobs against local data sets; they must now handle cloud computing, high availability and disaster recovery, and real-time analysis. We present an overview of the modern data science software landscape, with an emphasis on tools data scientists can use to design a scalable and productionized machine learning system. We will also briefly look at the future of data science software, including GUI-based data science tools and stream processing platforms.

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Reception before the talk 18:00-18:30