Industry or Academy? A conversation with Professor Bruce Shepherd on careers after graduate school

Bruce Shepherd, University of British Columbia Other IAM Events
November 14, 2018 3:30 pm LSK 306

You’re looking forward to finishing your PhD thesis. What’s next — industry or academia? Students in the mathematical sciences often face this difficult but fortunate choice.

Please join us for an informal conversation with Professor Bruce Shepherd to learn about the different career paths that are available to students in the mathematical sciences. Professor Shepherd is a computer scientist and mathematician working in optimization, polyhedral combinatorics, and graph theory. Before joining UBC as Professor of Computer Science, he was Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at McGill University, Professor of Mathematics and Operational Research at the London School of Economics, and industry scientist at the celebrated Bell Laboratories. He’s perfectly positioned to discuss the full range of career opportunities for mathematical scientists.

Refreshments served.