IAM Annual Retreat 2024

April 15, 2024 9:00 am Green College Coach House

The 2024 IAM Annual Retreat will be held on Monday, April 15th 2024, from 9 am to 4:30 pm, at the Green College Coach House, located at 6201 Cecil Green Park Road. The IAM retreat is a day-long event where graduate students and post-doctoral fellows have the opportunity to share their research with the community in the format of brief (five-minute) presentations. The retreat is an excellent opportunity to learn about the wide range of research interests in the IAM, eat delicious catered food (coffee, lunch, and snacks), and enjoy great company.

Everyone associated with the IAM is invited to attend, and we encourage all interested graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and faculty to register, whether they are official IAM members or not. Students and post-docs are also encouraged to sign up to give a five-minute talk on their research.

Vital information:
1) Registration  is now closed. For any questions, contact admin@iam.ubc.ca
2) Location: Green College Coach House, located at 6201 Cecil Green Park Road.
3) Time: 9am to 4:30pm.
4) Catered snacks, coffee/tea, and lunch will be served. IAM t-shirts will be available for purchase–$5 students, $10 faculty–CASH only.

The IAM Annual Retreat is organized by the IAM Student Committee:
Sharvaj Kubal, Fatemeh Saghafifar, Clément Soubrier, Ali Fele Paranj, and Elahe Mollaheydar

9:00    Registration and Coffee
9:30    A word from the IAM director

Session 1
09:40   Katie Faulkner (Mathematics): Diabetes and insulin feedback
09:50   Jupiter Algorta (Mathematics): Cellular Motility and Adaptative Systems
10:00   Laurent MacKay (Mathematics): Phase Dynamics of Reptilian Tooth Replacement
10:10   Karan Bains (Mathematics): Mathematical Modelling of Opioid Use Disorder/Treatment in BC
10:20   Victor Sanches Portella (Computer Science): Lower Bounds for Private Gaussian Covariance Estimation
10:30   Nicholas Richardson (Mathematics): Approximate Matrix Rank

10:40 – 10:55  Break

Session 2
11:00   Matthew Scott (Mathematics): Prioritizing measurements that yield more information
11:10   Matthieu Heitz (Mathematics): Spatial transcriptomics bring new challenges for trajectory inference
11:20   Jihao Gong (Mathematics): Microswimmers in viscosity gradients
11:30   Vaseem Shaik (Mechanical Engineering): Taxis of active particles in density gradients
11:40   Zelai Xu (Chemical and Biological Engineering): Estimating the interfacial permeability for flow into a porous medium
11:50   Mohammad Reza Rokhforouz (Chemical and Biological Engineering): Brownian dynamics simulation of rod-like nanoparticle transport through mucus

12:00 – 13:55  Lunch

Session 3
14:00   Merlin Pelz (Mathematics): Oscillators Coupled through a Diffusion Field: Asymptotic Analysis & Numerical Treatment
14:10   Victor Ogesa Juma (Mathematics): Bayesian parameter identification for Rho-Myosin model based on bifurcation analysis
14:20   Kudzanayi Mapfumo (Mathematics): Unravelling the spatiotemporal dynamics of Rho-GEF-H1-Myosin in a conserved reaction-diffusion system
14:30   Subhankar Sil (Mathematics): Nonlocal symmetries of nonlinear wave equation using differential invariant method
14:40   Gabrielle Tournaire (Physics): Measurement Based Quantum Computation
14:50   Abner Turkieltaub (Computer Science): Rank 2 Secretary Problem

15:00 – 15:15  Break

Session 4
15:20   Ying Lin (Mathematics): Error Bounds for the Generalized Power Cone and Applications in Algebraic Structure
15:30   Hossein Rahmani (Mathematics): Causal Trajectory Inference for Gene Expression Data
15:40   Clément Soubrier (Mathematics): Analyzing morphological properties of M.smegmatis using temporal data
15:50   Liam Yih (Mathematics): Influenza A: Traversing the Mucus Barrier
16:00   Fanze Kong (Mathematics): Ground States of Mean-field Games Systems: From Physics to Finance
16:10   Jack Hughes (Mathematics): Traveling waves and wave pinning (polarity): Switching between amoeboid and fan-shaped motility of cells
16:20   Wrap-up