Factorizable methods for fluid flow: overview and current state of development

SCAIM Seminar
October 2, 2012 7:30 pm

Speaker:  David Sidilkover, Soreq NRC, Israel

Location:  ESB 4133

Intended Audience:  Public

The term “factorizable methods” in the context of fluid flow was coined more that a decade ago. It is meant to describe discretization methods for the compressible fluid flow equations that fully reflect the mixed character of the system of PDEs. The initial goal was the development of fast solvers, yet these methods appear to have additional very attractive properties from theoretical as well as practical points of view. Among them is the capability to accurately resolve low speed flow and to preserve circular symmetry significantly better than standard methods.

An overview of the new methodology will be given, along with some historical perspective. Performance will be illustrated by computational examples.