ARC Sockeye High-Performance Computing Training

November 23, 2023 11:00 am LSK 306


UBC ARC Sockeye is a high-performance computing platform—nearly 16,000 CPU cores, 200 GPUs, and 3 petabytes of storage capacity—available to UBC researchers across all disciplines. While you may be familiar with running an analysis on your personal computer, getting your workflow up and running on high performance computing (HPC) systems such as Sockeye involves with some additional considerations. These include navigating the command line interface, installing/loading software, launching Jupyter Notebooks, and running your scripts. You will also need to request the compute resources for your analysis, including CPU, memory, and run time.

In this two-day workshop (Nov. 23 and 28) we will provide an introduction to the Sockeye HPC system, walk through the steps required to set up your analysis on Sockeye, and cover some of the common pitfalls.

Registration deadline: November 20.  Space is limited.

Instructors: Michael Nesrallah, Jerry Li

Sorry, the registration deadline for this workshop has passed.