• Front-end node driftwood + 8 computational nodes ash1, …, ash8
  • Each node equipped with Intel Server Board SAI2 with dual Intel Pentium 3/1133 MHz CPU and 2 GB RAM


  • /home – 84 GB of main storage with user quotas, backed up using HP SDLT320 tape drive
  • /data – 37 GB of overflow and temporary file storage, not backed up
  • /tmp and /global_mpi/tmp are also accessible for writing locally on each node

How to Use the Cluster:

1. Use the front-end node (driftwood) to compile your application.
2. Use the Portable Batch System (PBS) to submit your job. PBS-based Torque ver. 2.2.0 is currently installed.

There are 2 available queues:

  • normal – no time limit on time, 16 CPUs maximum, execution hosts ash1, …, ash8
  • test – 1 hour computational time limit, 2 CPUs maximum, execution host driftwood

For more information on job management, see:

See also the PBS User Guide (pdf).