University of British Columbia’s Policies:

  1. Responsible Use of Information Technology Facilities and Services
  2. Acceptable Use and Security of UBC Electronic Information and Systems
  3. Management of the Wireless Network
  4. Memo: Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy and Online Surveys
  5. Memo: Email and Privacy Legislation
  6. UBC Copyright Resources website

In addition to the UBC rules, all users of the IAM facilities  must comply with the following access and security rules:

  1. The User must never leave open or unlocked any of the IAM access doors, i.e. doors to the Main Offices (LSK 309 and LSK 311), and the Lounge (LSK 306), except with an explicit permission of the IAM Director or staff.
  2. The User will not let unknown individuals into the IAM without the permission of the IAM Director or staff. The User is responsible for the actions of any visitors he/she brings to the IAM.
  3. If involved in teaching duties, The User will not hold office hours within the IAM. The User may occasionally meet with some of his/her students in the IAM outside of the officially scheduled office hours, provided that: the number of visiting students is not excessive; they are never left unattended; and their presence and behaviour do not interfere with the work of the IAM graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty or staff.