The Institute of Applied Mathematics occupies rooms 306, 309 and 311 of the Leonard S. Klinck (LSK) Building on the UBC Point Grey campus. The use of all IAM facilities is governed by the rules defined in this document.

The 311 Office Complex

The LSK 311A-F complex contains offices of the IAM Director and up to 10 graduate students or visitors. It also features a small study area, provides access to a multifunction copier/scanner, and houses the IAM servers.

The 309 Integrated Office Area

Room LSK 309 contains cubicle-style offices with space for 14 graduate students or visitors, as well as a common area with linux and Windows workstations, three network printers, a fax machine and a scanner. See our Hardware section for more information on the IAM computational resources.

The Lounge

The IAM Lounge serves as the social and meeting hub for the IAM members, guests and visitors. It houses the IAM Library and is frequently used as a space to study, eat or relax. The Lounge provides the IAM users with a fridge, microwave oven, kettles, coffee makers, an expresso machine, and filtered drinking water, and has a terminal available for access to the IAM linux network. Several IAM research groups regularly use the Lounge for their meetings, taking advantage of the presentation area equipped with a ceiling-mount projector and a pull-down screen. The Lounge is also used as a place for refreshments and interactions before the IAM seminars.  A Lounge Use Calendar is posted inside the Lounge to help schedule the different activities taking place here.